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Investment banks offering graduates a second bite of the cherry as deal volumes pick up

It’s March and a strange thing is happening with investment banking graduate recruitment – there are still front office opportunities available. An increasing number of bulge bracket banks…


Five things I learned from my 18 months as an investment banker

Why would you want to become an investment banker? A few years ago, you didn’t necessarily need a qualitative reason. The money was enough. Now, as salaries have…


Career Crunch: Big post-bonus job moves expected, why you can never really stop working

If you’ve missed out on the latest careers news and advice on eFC over the past week, take a moment to catch up on the top stories of…

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Why investment bankers never really retire

You probably haven’t heard of Christian Brodie, but if you work in investment banking you really should have. He’s a UBS lifer, who worked at the Swiss bank…


Over 70% of financial firms will increase headcount next year, as investment banking deals surge

M&A bankers have been left waiting for the supposedly large pipeline to come into fruition throughout 2013, but next year could be when the industry really starts to…

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Meet the investment bankers with one eye on Hollywood

The compliance department of a large investment bank is not where you’d expect to find an aspiring screenwriter, and yet Alexander Cooper, who recently joined the complaints and…


The five things recruiters look for on your investment banking CV

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at your resume to see if you’re a fit for a particular position. Not minutes – seconds. While recruiters who…


The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Getting a graduate job in investment banking is arguably tougher than ever. Anyone securing a position now needs to have internship experience, gleaming extra-curricular activities, impeccable academics an


Citi’s been hiring for its investment bank in EMEA, despite 56% decline in profits

Citigroup is the latest investment bank to report its Q3 results and, as expected, the performance of its fixed income division was as torrid as other firms’ –…

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Five benefits of leaving a bulge bracket bank for a smaller player

Bulge bracket investment banks were a magnet for talent before Lehman Brothers’ collapse in 2008, but since the financial crisis, they’ve taken both a reputation hit and have…

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