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This is how much you should earn as an investment banker in your 30s

What's the average investment banker salary and bonus for someone in their 30s? And does it really make sense to quit aged 25?

When scandal creates job opportunities on Wall Street

Somewhat ironically, BNP's historic settlement may be a boon to the job market in New York, at least when it comes to compliance hiring.

Will a STEM degree get you a job in finance?

Should you study a STEM subject if you want to work in finance?

Study confirms big pay drop for all who leave finance, finds finance professionals are more intelligent

Thinking of a career change out of finance? Think again.

Proof that people are the most important factor in banking

The success of financial centres around the world depends on one critical factor - people.

Morning Coffee: Nomura needs to hire VPs to convert to MDs. How hedge fund jobs became boring

Are you a mid-ranking banker looking for a break? Try joining Nomura. Separately, hedge fund jobs have less and less going for them.

Two key skills you now need to succeed in a banking job in Singapore

Two skills are becoming more sought after if you want a private banking job in Singapore: international expertise and managing corporate wealth.

How to get an entry level job in investment banking operations

Want to work behind the scenes in investment banking operations? Here's everything you need to know about getting in.

Investment research firm looking to add headcount in New York

Morningstar’s Chairman and CEO Joe Mansueto acknowledged that the move was made so that the firm can bring on more employees.

Most bankers believe in God

People who work in banking are a less irreligious bunch than you might think.

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