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UBS hires more senior coverage bankers

UBS, which has been shaking up its country coverage team, has brought in another three senior investment bankers.

From finance to start-up: “I knew if I stayed in banking one more year, I’d never leave”

One investment banker believes it's impossible to start your own company while remaining in the industry. The only way to strike out on your own is to leave and develop an idea.

Morning Coffee: Earning $1m as an investment banker is now too much of a long shot

Investment bankers are working as hard as ever and the prospect of riches is ever more distant. No wonder there's a retention problem.

Investment banking or asset management: which pays the most?

Deciding between a career on the sell-side or buy-side? Investment banks still pay (much) more than asset managers.

Credit Suisse poaches senior female Goldman Sachs managing director

Credit Suisse has swayed a 15-year veteran of Goldman Sachs across to its London operation.

Morning Coffee: Deutsche and Goldman to decide on high-living banker, how to sell a job when it’s been automated

The CEO of a buyout firm set to be acquired by Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs lives an extravagant lifestyle.

The new “bright spot” in investment banking recruitment

After a five year hiatus during which they cut their teams to the bone, investment banks in the Middle East are hiring once again.

Asset managers bemoan the investment banker ‘invasion’

Investment bankers are moving into asset management, upsetting the existing employees and imposing the sell-side culture on the buy-side.

Fear grips senior investment bankers, who refuse to budge

Investment banks' HR teams are complaining about a "lack of liquidity" at the top, as senior staff refuse to leave for fear of not finding a new job.

11 tips for junior bankers to excel in their first year on the job

Investment banking analysts will go into the industry full of confidence, but gnarled veterans explain how they need to behave if they want to survive.

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