Sector: Hedge funds

The only people hedge funds want to hire right now

Hedge funds are hiring again, but are being very selective with who they take on. These are the roles they're struggling to recruit for.

Why hedge funds still crush asset managers on pay

Hedge funds are still the dominant force when it comes to pay on the buy-side.

Top UK hedge fund also appears to have rolled out a LinkedIn ban

Financial services firms appear to be clamping down on employees revealing too much about themselves on social media.

The 10 best banking jobs you’ve never heard of

Forget oil and gas M&A and government bond trading, which top banking and finance jobs exist in the shadows?

Morning Coffee: Want to work at an Asian hedge fund? Head to Shanghai

Morgan Stanley is relaunching its Asia hedge fund event as the sector gets set for more hiring this year.

Michael Hintze’s hedge fund has been making some senior hires

Sir Michael Hintze's hedge fund CQS has started the year by making some senior recruits.

Following your boss to his nice new hedge fund? Think twice

Investment banking traders may follow a big name when they start their own hedge fund, but with so many folding it appears to be a big gamble.

Morning Coffee: Wildly successful quant hedge fund manager wants innovators. Living with an M&A banker

What does it take to work for the hottest new quant hedge fund? And beware marrying someone who works in M&A.

More senior ex-bankers depart from BlueCrest Capital Management

BlueCrest Capital Management has been the default destination for investment banking traders moving to the buy-side. So why are so many leaving so quickly?

Four exciting new London finance firms that could hire you

Hedge funds might have closed at a record rate in Europe in 2014, but new fund launches continue. Here's four new finance firms launched in 2015.

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