Sector: Hedge funds

Meet the hedge fund where anyone can work – as long as they have the talent

This new hedge fund has secured funding and allocating capital only to the most talented investors.

Distressed debt funds luring staff from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Nomura

Distressed debt funds in London are hiring. And young bankers are their targets. Here's what makes them so appealing.

Moore Capital boosts top paid partner pay by £7.2m

Moore Capital has allocated over £24m for its best paid partner after a surge in revenues.

When bankers don’t retire at 40. Or even 50

Finance professionals don't want to retire young any more. Many want to become real estate investors, and they need to work a few more years for that.

Ex-Deutsche Bank credit chief launches own hedge fund

Vassilis Paschopoulos, one of a series of departures from Deutsche Bank's credit team last year, has re-emerged with his own hedge fund.

Moore Capital raids the ranks of defunct hedge fund Clive Capital

Employees of Clive Capital, which closed last year, have been hired by expanding hedge fund Moore Capital.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs traders keep on leaving for hedge funds. Don’t quit, go part time

It's still a thing: traders are escaping Goldman Sachs for hedge funds. And if your daughter nags you to quit your job, think about going part time instead.

Morning Coffee: Nomura needs to hire VPs to convert to MDs. How hedge fund jobs became boring

Are you a mid-ranking banker looking for a break? Try joining Nomura. Separately, hedge fund jobs have less and less going for them.

$1.1m pay packets as Och-Ziff London profits surge by 115%

Hedge fund Och-Ziff's London operation has seen profits surge and pay has increased as a result.

Where in the world you are most likely to get a front office banking job as a woman

Women are in the minority in every single front office position, but where are they most likely to find employment?

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