Sector: Hedge funds

These five hedge funds have been hiring already in 2015

Hedge funds are continuing to take advantage of the trader exodus from investment banks.

Private equity pay vs. hedge fund pay. Redux

Is pay highest in private equity? Or is pay highest in hedge funds? It's worth asking given that people exiting investment banking have a tendency to go into…

Trading algorithms are getting smarter, human traders are not

Human traders are going the way of the dinosaur, says one quant hedge fund CEO.

A whole new reason why you don’t want to work for a top hedge fund

They may be pedantic, but they're prestigious, and incredibly high payers. However, there's another big downside to working for some top hedge funds.

Analysts needed now at Singapore funds

Earlier this decade hedge funds in Singapore were adding traders, now they need more research analysts.

High stakes, huge pay days: How six UK hedge funds performed in 2014

Six London hedge funds have quietly released their annual accounts over the past few weeks and prove that despite the gloom surrounding the industry, huge pay days are still possible.

Morning Coffee: Pleasure of working for a hedge fund in Paris. Top programming languages if you want to get paid

Working for a hedge fund can be an unpleasant experience. As we've reported often, London-based hedge funds have a tendency to recruit traders from banks, trial them for…

NYE News Shot: $4.7m PER HEAD at Goldman in London. Ex-UBS trader lands hedge fund job after 2 years out

121 people at Goldman Sachs in London are horribly well paid. And a trader who spent 24 months out of the market just reentered in a top job.

Five exciting new finance firms that could hire you in 2015

Meet five emerging finance firms that have just kicked off in the City of London.

Guess which qualification will get you a job in a hedge fund

You want a hedge fund job. What's the best qualification for that? You'll be surprised (or not).

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