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10 features of the top 40 investment bankers under 40

What does it really take to become a top investment banker before you're old? These are top bankers' common attributes.

Morning Coffee: Who’s paying interns £6.2k a month? Who’s hiring ECM bankers now?

Where can you earn really big money as an intern? Forget banking. And a new 'advisory boutique' is being born.

So, what makes an investment banker?

You want to get a job as an investment banker? Which skills and characteristics do you need? We have an infographic with the answers.

Morning Coffee: How to leave Deutsche Bank in style. Not coping at Goldman Sachs

How can you quit banking for an exciting new job without burning your bridges? Robert Rankin shows the moves. And is a job at Goldman Sachs worth the hassle?

Meet 8 new analysts at Barclays Investment Bank. What makes them special?

Do you want to work for Barclays' Investment Bank? What kinds of people does it really hire onto its graduate programme?

What it is to work in investment banking, by a director at Deutsche Bank

Do you want to become an investment banker? Here's what the role entails, by a senior Deutsche Banker who quit his start-up for IBD.

Banks’ weird hierarchies: what analysts, associates, VPs, MDs do really

So you want to work in an investment bank? What is an analyst, associate, VP and MD exactly?

Traders resurgent. Bankers waning. Banks left wondering about strategy

The resurgence of fixed income trading and decline in deal-making has left banks looking behind the curve.

Morning Coffee: What makes JPMorgan’s junior M&A bankers weird. When analysts marry MDs

JPMorgan's junior bankers are 'product agnostic'. This is what that means. And a famous analyst has married a less famous MD.

6 things JPMorgan and Citi’s results say about your banking job

JPMorgan and Citi have released their third quarter results. Here's what they say about the state of banking pay and employment.

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