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Morning Coffee: What makes JPMorgan’s junior M&A bankers weird. When analysts marry MDs

JPMorgan's junior bankers are 'product agnostic'. This is what that means. And a famous analyst has married a less famous MD.

6 things JPMorgan and Citi’s results say about your banking job

JPMorgan and Citi have released their third quarter results. Here's what they say about the state of banking pay and employment.

Junior bankers lured with promise of full bonus for 2 months’ work

Banks want to hire juniors so so so much that they're offering them full year's bonuses for working from now to December.

From banking to baking: “People are jumping out of investment banking at an unbelievable rate”  

Investment bankers are leaving the industry at an alarming rate, believes on JPMorgan banker who quit to become a pastry chef.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan’s quiet layoffs. Goldman Sachs’ Q3 results will look better than they are

JPMorgan has been making some stealthy redundancies in the front office ahead of bonuses. And don't be deceived if Goldman's FICC revenues rise 40% in Q3.

Dartmouth Partners 2014 Analyst Bonus Survey: Bonuses Increase for IBD Juniors

Junior banking pay is rising. A new bonus survey from Dartmouth Partners suggests first year analysts have had big bonus increases.

Morning Coffee: ‘Average’ front office banking job now pays £600k. Where is Michele Foresti?

Average pay for ALL M&A bankers and traders in the City of London is nearly $1m, allegedly. And BofA's star hire is having a few problems.

How to get an entry level job in debt capital markets

A guide to securing a graduate job as a debt capital markets analysts in investment banking.

Barclays’ Jobs: Tom King says you’re probably safe if you work on IPOs

Barclays is cutting jobs from its investment bank at the rate of 900 per month. So which Barclays roles are safe?

Goldman Sachs, BofA, JPMorgan: where to work in IBD now

Which Goldman Sachs jobs are the best? And which bankers at B of A don't deserve to get paid this year?

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