Sector: Asset Management

How tech is helping fund managers battle the robots

Forget the argument of computers replacing human fund managers - the new trend is technology helping people find their edge again.

Three charts saying you should work in asset management instead of banking

Pay in asset management is rising faster than banking, the deferrals are less and the industry is more stable. What's not to like?

Morning Coffee: Is this the easiest part of Goldman Sachs to get into now? Anshu Jain reassures Deutsche bankers

If you want a job at Goldman Sachs now, you should probably go for the division that's expanding at a rate of double digits while others contract.

Seven internships and counting as I aim for a graduate asset management job

It can take multiple internships and more to get on the right track to securing a graduate asset management job, says NUS Investment Society president.

Asset management bonuses in Asia play catch up with investment banking

Asset management firms have hiked up bonuses for top performers by up to 10% this year.

The ‘boring’ sector competing against banks and PE firms for young finance talent

Large international pension funds are trying to poach young talent from investment banks and private equity firms.

Morning Coffee: Fund managers paid more than bankers. Goldman building in rates, Deutsche urged to cut

Why work in investment banking when asset management is sooo much more exciting? And Deutsche's rates professionals have been issued a death warrant.

13 Charts from Deutsche Bank that explain where to work in finance now

Which is the best finance career for 2015? Deutsche Bank has produced some orientation tools.

What it’s really like to work as a structurer in an investment bank

Structuring is one of the more arcane jobs in banking. It's also one of the most interesting. A senior structurer at Deutsche explains why it's a good career.

Cost-cutting fund managers feel pressure to reduce bonuses

Fund manager revenues have held up well, but they're under pressure to cut pay for their staff.

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