Sector: Asset Management

The ‘boring’ sector competing against banks and PE firms for young finance talent

Large international pension funds are trying to poach young talent from investment banks and private equity firms.

Morning Coffee: Fund managers paid more than bankers. Goldman building in rates, Deutsche urged to cut

Why work in investment banking when asset management is sooo much more exciting? And Deutsche's rates professionals have been issued a death warrant.

13 Charts from Deutsche Bank that explain where to work in finance now

Which is the best finance career for 2015? Deutsche Bank has produced some orientation tools.

What it’s really like to work as a structurer in an investment bank

Structuring is one of the more arcane jobs in banking. It's also one of the most interesting. A senior structurer at Deutsche explains why it's a good career.

Cost-cutting fund managers feel pressure to reduce bonuses

Fund manager revenues have held up well, but they're under pressure to cut pay for their staff.

UBS now pays the same as Goldman Sachs and other conclusions from today’s results

How has UBS's investment bank performed relative to its US competitors?

How to achieve a 95% pass rate in CFA Level I

Only 46% of candidates passed the CFA level I last year, so how did this university class hit a 95% pass rate.

Morning Coffee: Top financier reveals best finance job for short working hours. Where Deutsche Bank must hire

The fantasy finance job (short working hours, high pay) actually exists. And it seems likely that Deutsche Bank will hire hundreds of people in London.

Banks across Asia scramble to hire for this hot skill-set

Tightening of local regulations and more requirement to focus on control means banks across Asia are looking for more anti-money laundering staff.

So, you failed CFA I. Here’s what to do next

You may have been lucky enough to be in the minority who pass CFA level I. If not, what's next?

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