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The 10 strangest jobs banks are hiring for now

Want to work in executive protection for Goldman Sachs in Russia? How about the night shift at J.P. Morgan in Bangalore?

The most dissatisfied junior and mid-ranking investment bankers work for these firms

Junior investment bankers have had a good year, so why are most being left unhappy with their bonus payments?

Morning Coffee: 52 year-old banker’s message to analysts and associates. Confluence of hotness in banking jobs

What must analysts in investment banks know about working practices? Andrea Orcel has some words of advice. These banking jobs are especially hot this year.

Morning Coffee: How to quit UBS IBD aged 30. Ex-Deutsche rates salesman finds new job after 2 years

What do you do if, having thought investment banking was for you, you reach the age of 30 and suddenly decide that it isn't and another career is…

UBS is pushing ahead with front office investment banking recruitment, pay rises

UBS has just reported its first quarter results. It's hiring for its investment bank and increasing pay.

The new springboard to a lucrative banking career in Hong Kong

Private banks are increasing their mainland hiring, opening up opportunities for Chinese bankers to eventually move to Hong Kong.

UBS has started hiring traders again

UBS has focused on building its advisory functions, but more recently it's been bringing in traders.

Morning Coffee: How anyone can get a job at UBS. Banking pay illusory for many

So you want to work for an investment bank but you have no investment banking experience? UBS will hire you, but on one condition. You can work for…

Nine financial services firms STILL hiring for graduate jobs in Asia

Looking for graduate jobs in Asia? A few vacancies remain at banks in Hong Kong and Singapore. Here's where to find them.

Tales of workaholic investment banking bosses, and how to survive them

Are you powerless to resist a tyrant boss in investment banking? Here are some tips to make it through.

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