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Morning Coffee: Why ex-Goldman bankers are joining Deutsche. UBS hiring here

Is Deutsche Bank becoming the destination of choice for bankers who are leaving Goldman Sachs? And who will UBS be hiring in 2015?

UBS’s pay increase looks a little outrageous in the circumstances

Why has UBS hiked pay for its investment bankers when they're costing the bank billions in fines?

Hiring in the front office and other key takeaways from UBS’s Q3 results

UBS has posted a CHF1.2bn loss for its investment bank in the third quarter. But it's not all bad news.

The Carsten Kengeter guide to a career change at 40, and beyond

You're a 40 year-old banker and you're looking for a career change. What can you learn from Carsten Kengeter?

Once mighty trading capital falling on hard times

In the near future, there may be no traders at all who call Stanford home.

UBS hires new head of Euro rates trading from hedge fund

UBS has continued its recent fixed income recruitment spree by poaching a managing director from a hedge fund.

Deadlines for MBA associate programmes at banks in Hong Kong and Singapore

Associate-level internship and full-time deadlines for MBA students looking for banking jobs in Hong Kong or Singapore.

These are the banks in Asia that bankers really want to work for

These are the banks offering the most sought-after private banking jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong, according to headhunters.

The six hottest programming languages to know in banking technology

If you want to work in investment banking technology, these are the skills that banks are demanding currently.

UBS is sucking up fixed income salespeople and traders. Again

UBS is hiring fixed income professionals again. It's even paying them. Apparently.

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