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The 10 worst banks for working hours

Which bank has the longest working hours and will expect you to put in 90 hours per week, on average? Well...

Morning Coffee: Swiss franc to spur layoffs at UBS and Credit Suisse? The rise and retirement of Damon Buffini

How afraid should UBS and Credit Suisse bankers be of the Swiss franc? And who said you need rich parents to thrive in finance?

Raft of senior bankers leave UBS just before bonus payments

UBS might be hiring senior bankers, but a number have also left the bank in recent weeks just before bonus season.

Is it really this amazing to be an MD at Morgan Stanley?

Would you take a demotion to become an MD at Morgan Stanley? That's what one former UBS banker seems to have done.

Asian bankers expecting bonuses to drop, except in wealth management

The bonus season kicks off without too much encouraging news. Bankers in Asia are not expecting a fat figure. Some would be happy if things don't get worse.

The types of banks to work for in Asia if you want a big bonus percentage

Want a large percentage bonus in Asian private banking? Here's where to work.

Banking interview questions: What are the implications of the soaring Swiss franc?

How do you answer technical interview questions at investment banks? Today, what are the implications of the soaring Swiss franc?

15 indispensible pieces of career advice from senior bankers

We’ve talked to plenty of bankers, traders and recruiters this year, each of whom has offered their fair share of advice for those growing up in the industry.…

Morning Coffee: More M&A hiring to come at UBS in Hong Kong

UBS is likely to hire more M&A bankers early next year as Alison Harding-Jones takes up the reins as head of Asia Pacific M&A.

Hiring and firing in investment banking: The winners and the losers in 2014

All you need to know about the coming and goings at the major investment banks in London.

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