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Goldman’s European push; Pimco back on the hiring trail

In the latest hiring roundup, Goldman is hiring in Europe, Morgan Stanley is back in the commodities game and Pimco is eyeing buy side and sell side talent.

Pay at Pimco in London. High, but not hundreds of millions high

How high is Pimco's pay in London? High, but you won't be earning a Bill Gross style package.

Morning Coffee: Why Pimco pays. 260,000 people applied for Goldman jobs so far this year

What makes Pimco careers so lucrative? And how high is the competition for a job at Goldman Sachs really?

HSBC’s huge hiring plans; Moelis on European push

In the latest hiring roundup, Moelis is growing in Europe, Barclays is adding headcount in Asia and HSBC reveals aggressive risk and compliance plans.

Morning Coffee: Has Bill Gross saved trading jobs, bonuses? Young bankers explain why they love their jobs

Things weren't looking too good for fixed income traders, until Bill Gross quit Pimco. And banking jobs are actually pretty good, young bankers say.

Morning Coffee: Do you want to work in Hong Kong now? Bill Gross’s last straw

Bankers in Hong Kong have had a shock over the weekend. Will the region's allure fade for expats? And, Bill Gross just couldn't resist....

Want to work with Bill Gross at Janus Capital? You’ll need this

Bill Gross has joined Janus Capital. If you want to work there too, this is what you'll need on your resume.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan takes aim at fixed income traders. Laid-back life of the formerly overworked financier

JPMorgan seems to have changed its mind about the Morgan Stanley fixed income recovery. And Mohamed El Erian's life is very different to the way it was.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs traders keep on leaving for hedge funds. Don’t quit, go part time

It's still a thing: traders are escaping Goldman Sachs for hedge funds. And if your daughter nags you to quit your job, think about going part time instead.

Citi, Schroders, Pimco all hiring

In the latest hiring roundup, Pimco eyes European push, Schroders needs new salespeople and a boutique investment bank plans a new office.

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