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15 finance firms that will be hiring in the final months of 2014

Here's our pick of the financial services organisations most likely to offer employment opportunities in the remaining months of 2014.

Morning Coffee: How to become a famous equities analyst, aged 27.  Bill Gross’s nemesis now hiring

How can you get your investment opinions heard just 3 years after you've left university? And, do you want to work for ex-Pimco man Marc Sneider?

Morning Coffee: Investment bank breaks keen young student in weeks, $900m hedge fund trader wants to work again

The effect of working in investment banking for a few weeks has been toxic for this year's intern class.

Banking: is the lifestyle still worth it?

Banking pay has fallen but the banking lifestyle remains the same. Is the industry really so unappealing though?

Morning Coffee: When a dud year is no barrier to a new 7 figure job. Barclays’ bankers find exciting new homes

Pimco is hiring.  The house of Gross wants to recruit 16 ‘thematic equities’ investment specialists for its new equities business, which is run by French fund manager Virginie…

Psychologists analyze Bill Gross, advise on avoiding his mistakes

What happens inside the mind of Pimco's boss? And how can the errors of Bill Gross be avoided?

Pimco says yes to equities; Deutsche Bank hiring in spots

Deutsche Bank is adding to its healthcare and compliance teams, two EU startups are growing rapidly and Pimco is taking an equities plunge.

Four reasons why you should want to join Pimco’s equities team

Pimco is planning a deeper dive into equities. There are plenty of good arguments to be made for applying to the job

Morning Coffee: Nice person seeking 16 equity specialists for thematic fun. Why you want to work for Barclays bad bank

By now, everyone knows that Bill Gross can be a little difficult to handle. The co-founder of Pimco has become notorious for his dislike of being spoken to…

The one thing Wall Street’s elite can’t stop talking about

Bill Gross brought the lumber in his latest newsletter to clients. He wrote about his deceased female cat, Bob.

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