Company: Morgan Stanley

Morning Coffee: Words that will get you a junior job at Barclays, Morgan Stanley. Layoffs at BNP Paribas

What should you say if you want to get into Barclays or Morgan Stanley? And BNP Paribas has decided that being simple and efficient isn't enough.

Why I quit Pimco to take on pay day loan sharks

This former investment banker quit last year to start a firm aimed at tackling pay day loans.

Morning Coffee: Mixed messages from J.P. Morgan and Barclays. Young bankers find jobs changed for worse

Have investment banks had a good second quarter or not? And FX sales and trading jobs are not what they were.

Meet some of the top Chinese bankers under 40

Rising through the ranks in a Western investment bank is not easy for Chinese bankers. Here are some very prominent ones who are under 40.

The tech hiring hotspots at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and BAML

Technology is a big focus for a lot of investment banks currently. Where are the jobs now?

How to swap jobs in IBD and achieve a simultaneous promotion, or not

Actually, you can still move jobs and get promoted in IBD. It's just a lot harder than it used to be.

Morning Coffee: How to TRIPLE your salary in Hong Kong banking

Such is the demand for Hong Kong-based China research analysts that banks are doubling or even tripling base salaries to clinch candidates.

The most dissatisfied junior and mid-ranking investment bankers work for these firms

Junior investment bankers have had a good year, so why are most being left unhappy with their bonus payments?

Morning Coffee: New outlet for ‘frustrated, intelligent’ analysts. Bonus disparities at Morgan Stanley, Barclays and SocGen

Intelligent and disgruntled investment banking analysts are finding new jobs here. And, which banks pay big bonuses to some and tiny bonuses to others?

Working for GS, JPM, Citi, BAML and Morgan Stanley. – What’s the difference?

Which big US bank will work you the least, pay you the most and be best in the area you want to work in?

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