Company: Morgan Stanley

Meet the bankers with the clients that banks in Singapore are now desperate to capture

Private banks in Singapore want to hire more China-coverage bankers but are finding that the local talent pool is too small.

Everything you thought you knew about finance careers is wrong, by Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's giant new report on the future of investment banking blows away some of the accepted wisdom on what's coming for the industry.

Morning Coffee: Morgan Stanley to start new Asian hiring spree

Morgan Stanley plans to boost its private banking headcount by up to 20% in Asia this year, but finding the right talent will be challenging.

Investment banking operations hiring is back from the dead

Investment banks have started bringing back office jobs back to major financial centres. Why?

Big discrepancies open up between salaries of associates and VPs at top banks

Some banks are paying their junior bankers (associates and VPs) salaries that are far, far, higher than others.

Morning Coffee: Want to work at an Asian hedge fund? Head to Shanghai

Morgan Stanley is relaunching its Asia hedge fund event as the sector gets set for more hiring this year.

The latest hot banking job in China and Hong Kong is hit by skill shortages

Hiring of equity research analysts who cover A-shares on Shanghai’s surging stock exchange is on the rise but banks face skill shortages.

Morning Coffee: James Gorman on ego and Morgan Stanley. Why Goldman Sachs bankers earn less than PE professionals

What sort of person must you be to please James Gorman at Morgan Stanley? And why is Lloyd Blankfein comparatively poorly paid?

Following your boss to his nice new hedge fund? Think twice

Investment banking traders may follow a big name when they start their own hedge fund, but with so many folding it appears to be a big gamble.

A small sample of the exceptional people who got summer internships at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley

You didn't get an internship at an investment bank? Here's who you were up against.

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