Company: Morgan Stanley

Ageism in banking: How old is too old to keep trying?

At which point do you become too old to go for a first job in banking? And when are you too old to try getting back in?

Is Morgan Stanley the best bank for European cash equities jobs? Is JPMorgan the worst?

Which is the best bank for jobs in European equities? Forget JPMorgan. And forget Goldman Sachs.

Banking pay: Are you expecting too much for doing too little?

How will you know if your banking pay expectations are out of control and likely to make you unemployable?

Morning Coffee: Morgan Stanley juniors have been feeling underpaid, overworked and frustrated. Rush to staff-up in ECM

Morgan Stanley junior bankers have had grievances. The bank has acted to stem them. And the booming IPO market is prompting banks to reshuffle ECM teams.

The 6 best front office banking jobs for the 2nd half of 2014

Which are the best banking jobs to go for in the second half of 2014?

Morgan Stanley saying ‘yes’ to commodities trading

With other competitors retreating, Morgan Stanley is planning to ramp up its commodities trading unit in the U.S.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs? Or Morgan Stanley? The crazy patience of coverage bankers

Goldman Sachs jobs? Or Morgan Stanley jobs? This week's results have helped make a case for Morgan Stanley. And don't work in M&A if you're impatient.

Morning Coffee: Where to find 8,500 finance jobs a month. When senior bankers’ sons get summer jobs in banking

Want a job in finance? Fortunately, there are 1000s of finance jobs here. - Or are there? And senior bankers' sons seem to find it easy to get into banking.

5 reasons why you should switch your career in finance to asset management, immediately

Should you migrate your career in finance from banking to asset management? Yes, if you have any sense.

Morning Coffee: Careers in finance that will still be hot in 2030. Citigroup investment bankers take control at Barclays

Which careers in finance will keep you employed for the next 20 years? James Gorman thinks he has the answer. And Citi bankers have mounted a Barc takeover.

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