Company: Morgan Stanley

Raises for all junior bankers, just not you, you and you

Soon, nearly every U.S. bank had made the same pledge to junior bankers: we’re going to pay you more for all those 100-hour weeks.

Morgan Stanley’s ex-head of inflation trading now spending days cycling through the Alps

Morgan Stanley's head of inflation trading is now trying to make a new life as a cyclist.

Morning Coffee: Ireland the new threat to London banking jobs, the six-figure salary no one seems to want

Want to work in a job offering a six-figure salary where there's an acute shortage of people? Why the UK's exit from the EU would be bad for London, but good for Dublin.

The A Level results achieved by bankers at Goldman Sachs, JPM and Morgan Stanley

It's A Level results day in the UK. Are three As really enough to get you into top investment banks?

The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Which Masters in Finance courses will give you the best chance of securing a front office job in an investment bank?

Morning Coffee: Work 70 hours a week, earn £230k. Morgan Stanley’s hot new fixed income job

A 70 hour week is not humanly possible according to one British MP. M&A bankers would probably disagree.

Morning Coffee: Fare-dodging fund manager unlikely to work in finance again, Goldman’s new challenge to Bloomberg IM

The notorious fare-dodging fund manager has been unmasked, fired and is unlikely to find a new job.

Ageism in banking: How old is too old to keep trying?

At which point do you become too old to go for a first job in banking? And when are you too old to try getting back in?

Is Morgan Stanley the best bank for European cash equities jobs? Is JPMorgan the worst?

Which is the best bank for jobs in European equities? Forget JPMorgan. And forget Goldman Sachs.

Banking pay: Are you expecting too much for doing too little?

How will you know if your banking pay expectations are out of control and likely to make you unemployable?

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