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Is the buggy in the hall the true destroyer of banking escape routes?

Ex-Goldman bankers warn: get out of the industry before you’re 30, or else

We’ve been here before. Three years ago, Frank Yeung, an ex-Goldman banker who fled the industry to launch a chain of Mexican restaurants, Poncho No. 8, issued an ominous…

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Is now the time for banking technologists to target a start-up?

IT professionals are by their nature passionate about technology, but the high-paying roles in investment banking, where it’s necessary to operate in a highly-corporate environment. Now, however, with&he

The truth is right here

Four cold hard truths about Asia’s financial employment market

Given the ongoing nightmare of redundancies in Asia, here are the boiled-down essentials of what you need to know about the job market. 1) Everyone still wants in…


More finance professionals are taking MBAs for career progression, but over half want to leave the industry

MBAs are back en vogue in among financial professionals. After a period of unpopularity since 2009, more people are applying to advance their career in 2012 – unfortunately,…


Technologists’ choice: move to a regulatory project or lose your job

Depending on your perspective, this is either a new career opportunity or an ultimatum: financial technologists are being told they can be redeployed across to regulatory projects or…


Are all the best iPad developers and social media technologists being snapped up by the financial sector?

Now is not the best time to be working as an IT contractor in the financial sector. Rates have been more or less universally cut by at least…