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Q&A: How one woman made partner at Deloitte while on maternity leave

Louise Brett, head of FSI Analytics at Deloitte in London, has been a partner at the firm for over 12 years, having started out in the City at…

Working mother

Financial firms pushing to get more mothers on top

Women account for roughly half of the total workforce in the U.S. and the U.K., but at financial companies, they’re in short supply. Partner and managing director ranks…


Naive or not, women still want to be bankers

A new generation of intelligent, ambitious young women is aspiring to careers in investment banking. Despite the obvious facts. If you’re a young woman preparing for a career…

7% women within (Photo credit: STML)

Five financial sectors still struggling to advance women

Attracting more women into the financial sector isn’t just about getting them in the door, but ensuring that they break into areas where testosterone has typically been the…


Banks in Singapore and the UAE look local for talent

If you’re hiring people in Asia or the Middle East, you might want to think twice before you recruit an expatriate. In the United Arab Emirates and Singapore…


The UK immigration process has changed. This is what you need to know as an overseas student

International students have long been welcome on investment banks’ graduate schemes, but recent UK immigration law amendments have meant that the paperwork burden has become decidedly heavier. Has&hellip

Best in class

The top 15 Masters in Finance courses for breaking into investment banking in the UK

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this report, it’s become tougher for students undertaking a financial Masters degree to break into investment banking, with most bulge bracket firms curtailing…

Sad college grad

The new employment reality for financial MSc graduates

Taking a pre-experience Masters degree in a finance-related course used to be a golden ticket into a front office investment banking role. Graduates came armed with the sort…

Glasgow's International Financial Services District

Investment bank-by-investment bank, these are the jobs on offer in the UK outside London

Working in investment banking comes with a certain image, and we’re not talking about the vilification of the industry in the popular press. Graduates expect a high-performance culture,…

China's new bankers

Why don’t students want to work in technology roles in investment banks?

When an investment bank describes itself as a “technology company”, it’s understandably greeted with a sense of cynicism. They are, after all, in the business of making money…

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