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How to get an entry-level relationship manager job in Singapore or Hong Kong

It's a stable, sought-after role, but how do you get your first relationship manager job in Singapore or Hong Kong as a graduate?

Those senior BofA fixed income layoffs? They’re not just fixed income. Nor are they just MDs

Bank of America's firing net may be a little wider than we'd previously thought.

Could Tom Brady have won a job on Wall Street?

What if Brady had to get a regular job, like say one in finance?

HFT firm hires 11 traders, increases compensation costs by £17m

High frequency trading firms reportedly pay extravagant packages to their traders, but is this the reality?

A peek inside one of the world’s most secretive hedge funds

Bridgewater is known for its size, but also for its extremely unique culture, spearheaded by Dalio, who preaches “radical truth and radical transparency.”

The 5 most in-demand front office banking jobs of 2015

Will there be new banking jobs in 2015? Yes. Will there be a lot of new front office banking jobs in 2015? Yes - but mostly in these areas.

Expansionary hedge fund continues to tap investment banks’ traders

Hedge fund Millennium Management continues to be a magnet for investment banks' traders.

Morning Coffee: Orcel’s UBS shakeup gets nasty. Trader makes £200k gambling on Scottish vote

Andrea Orcel's latest shakeup at UBS marks a comeback for the Deutsche traders who lost out after Kweku Adoboli. And gambling works, sometimes.

Singaporean job seekers regain their swagger, push recruiters hard over pay

Candidates searching for banking jobs in Singapore are growing in confidence and are making unrealistic demands on recruiters.

Jefferies to open another office, new equities group planned in London

In the latest hiring roundup, Jefferies opens a new office, Citi plans a commercial banking push and Morningstar looks to double its staff in New York.

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