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Banks across Asia scramble to hire for this hot skill-set

Tightening of local regulations and more requirement to focus on control means banks across Asia are looking for more anti-money laundering staff.

Morning Coffee: Why is Goldman Sachs building a new London office? Macro jobs making a comeback?

Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn is the latest executive to warn against Britain exiting the EU. But why is GS building a new London office if it's so worried?

The five hottest skill sets outside of the front office that will get you a job or promotion in 2015

Here are the key middle office skills that banks are looking for. Being an expert in any one can help earn you a new job, promotion or raise.

Where to next for Singapore’s hard commodity traders?

Regional banks, Asian commodity firms and derivatives operations are mopping up newly unemployed physical commodities traders who have been left without jobs after the big international banks starting&hell

Banks’ IT departments are huge, but this could change very quickly

There’s something of a dichotomy in investment banks’ IT teams. On the one hand, banks want to hire rock stars who can lead their technology function and ensure…

Private banks are on a hiring frenzy, but the job is more demanding than ever

The days of the cushy private banking job have been traded for a demanding role amid growing challenges and mounting expectations for both wealth managers and their clients.…

Singapore guns for IMF gold star

The first part of an external review of the stability of Singapore’s banking, insurance and securities sectors by the International Monetary Fund will wrap up this week, with…

CFA Institute’s six steps to fix the global financial system

How do you even begin to fix a financial crisis that cost at least US$12 trillion and wiped out 20 million jobs? This is the task that the Chartered Financial…

2012: What will go up and what will go down in the IT in finance sector?

Based on conversations with niche financial technology recruiters, as well as our own predictions, we look ahead to what the coming year could hold for recruitment in the…

If you’re working on a regulatory tech project, you’re in a very sturdy position

It's a slightly strange phenomenon that, despite the technology challenges posed by a raft of regulations hitting financial services firms, few have been willing to recruit IT professionals…

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