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Morning Coffee: Deutsche and Goldman to decide on high-living banker, how to sell a job when it’s been automated

The CEO of a buyout firm set to be acquired by Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs lives an extravagant lifestyle.

The 70 private equity firms most likely to pay you carried interest

A breakdown of the most consistently performing private equity companies.

Blackstone poaches Citigroup industrials investment banking MD

Nick Tansley, an MD in Citi's industrials team, has made the switch into private equity.

Career Crunch: The reality of private equity, can you still get rich in banking?

A guide to the top stories on eFinancialCareers, providing expert job advice to investment banking and buy-side professionals.

Six exciting new London finance firms that could offer job opportunities

Meet the latest crop of hedge funds, private equity firms and boutiques to start up in the UK.

An honest account of working in the ‘promised land’ of private equity

Keep yourself fit, not fat, and other essential tips for succeeding in private equity.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority will be hiring in these areas in 2014

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has been expanding in 2013 and will be recruiting again this year.

Goldman Sachs’ head of UK private equity departs  

Richard Butland, who heads Goldman Sachs' UK private equity division, has left the bank.

Meet the mavericks of the post-crisis buyout world

There has been plenty of talk over how much banks have had to selloff profitable businesses. What gets much less publicity are the buyout firms that win.

Take inspiration: These five investment bankers are going it alone

Senior investment bankers are increasingly deciding to leave the top banks, ignore established hedge funds and go it alone.

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