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Chase the dollar at the big firms

A breakdown of private equity earning power by company size

Relative to their size, smaller private equity firms offer more job opportunities, but if money is your main motivation it’s best to target the larger companies. Making the…

Raising the bar for capital raisers

The rise of the hedge fund marketing professional, ten times as many jobs as last year

Hedge funds are clamouring to hire marketing professionals who can help them raise ‘sticky’ capital after a year when a number of underperforming strategies struggled to stem investor…


The ‘beer test’ and other harsh realities of switching from investment banking to private equity

For every available private equity job, there are 200-300 keen, young investment bankers vying to get in. Making the switch can be the graveyard for egos, the first…


Oxbridge, economics and a private education: What you really need to get in and succeed in the UK financial services industry

Investment banking has a reputation for being elitist, but it’s the private equity and asset management sectors that tend to employ private-educated Oxbridge graduates in the UK, and…

Trading Success

Work for free, do 60+ hours a week, and other expert tips for success in hedge funds, private equity and investment banking

Hedge funds and private equity are still sexy, while the lustre of investment banking has faded for students looking to break into finance. But like any object of…


The crush to get out of investment banking and into private equity

Investment banks, increasingly, want to see evidence of commitment and a passion for the sector from their junior recruits, and it’s no wonder – many young bankers view…

Two Hedges

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in hedge funds and private equity

Alternative Investments  High-earning roles, reserved for a select group of graduates A typical investment is usually in stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments, however, cover a broader range &

Banks beat forecasts

Daily Dispatches – top brand, top pay for DBS boss

Singapore’s top CEO, DBS boss Piyush Gupta took home the biggest pay packet in the Lion City in the past year, with compensation of Sg$9.33 million. DBS was recently…

stock market

Five sectors still struggling to attract female candidates

The task of increasing the proportion of women working the UK financial sector should not always be viewed as a single issue to be tackled across the entire…

Image by SplodgusMaximus via Flickr

Exit routes for corporate bankers in Scotland

Most sectors in Scottish financial services are struggling to create new roles currently, but it’s arguable that after a raft of redundancies in 2008, corporate banking never really…

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