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How to get an entry level job in investment banking operations

Want to work behind the scenes in investment banking operations? Here's everything you need to know about getting in.

Investment research firm looking to add headcount in New York

Morningstar’s Chairman and CEO Joe Mansueto acknowledged that the move was made so that the firm can bring on more employees.

Most bankers believe in God

People who work in banking are a less irreligious bunch than you might think.

The top 20 universities globally for getting a job in finance

Which are the top universities for finance careers? You'd be surprised: a new ranking suggests they're not all the usual suspects.

Why you wouldn’t want to be an overworked, underpaid M&A professional elsewhere in Europe. Redux

Banking pay in Europe is much lower than in London, but bankers on the continent still have to work just as hard. Where would you rather be?

$1.1m pay packets as Och-Ziff London profits surge by 115%

Hedge fund Och-Ziff's London operation has seen profits surge and pay has increased as a result.

Morning Coffee: Google applications crush applications to Goldman Sachs. Where to get a £268k bonus

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been trounced as the most popular places to work. And which banking job will pay you the highest bonus?

The perfect profile for an investment banking job in Asia right now

If you’re searching for an investment banking job in Asia, the employment market in China is looking particularly buoyant.

But what about Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan in Glasgow?

What happens to JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley's big Scottish operations if the vote is 'Yes'?

LGBT and straight bankers not on the same page when it comes to discrimination

A divide appears to exist between LGBT employees and their heterosexual colleagues when it comes to the perception of the industry’s culture.

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