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How you don't want to be seen by clients

The dangers of networking with bankers at Glastonbury Festival

These days there are plenty of bankers at Glastonbury Festival. You might think this would be an opportunity to network. You would be wrong.

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Seven golden rules for an epic investment banking career at one firm

There’s a popular perception in investment banking that to keep earning and keep learning you need to move jobs every five years or so. Staying put is stagnating,…


How to get a job on Wall Street without rich parents and an Ivy League education

I have found there are three ways to landing a job on Wall Street – particularly if you don’t fit the typical mold.

Here's how

Career Crunch: Sage advice from veteran bankers, how to weed out bad recruiters

Missed out on all the news and career advice on eFinancialCareers over the past seven days? Take a moment to catch up. Invaluable advice for bankers in their…

When networking, less is more

Eight golden rules of networking to help your career over the next decade

Networking is essential to progress your career and the methods by which you need to connect with clients, colleagues and competitors are changing.


The Five Dos and Don’ts of Networking on Wall Street

Many of the most prestigious, best paying jobs on Wall Street aren't posted, making networking an absolutely critical skillset. Don't just pick up the phone and start dialing…

Networking Event

Eighty percent of your networking will be a waste of time – Guest Comment

The Pareto principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule, was probably not designed with networking in mind – after all, the Italian mathematician who devised it died in…

Network, now

Guest Comment: If you want a post-bonus Q1 job, network with these four groups before Christmas…

As the year draws to a close – with most banks sewing up the loose ends of deals, and budget and headcount numbers getting confirmed – the weeks…

Don't worry: they're networking

Wanna get ahead? Punch the boss

More than two decades ago, Travis Tucker and David Gatti crossed hockey sticks as teammates on the University of Massachusetts ice hockey team. After college, the two took…

Face lost

This is what you should be doing now if you’re unemployed in Asia and need a job

The latest round of redundancies in Asia began back in mid 2011 and recruitment hasn’t revived in the meantime. This has created a growing group of people who…

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