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Behold the banks in Asia that buy out deferred bonuses with cash guarantees

Chinese corporate and investment banks are hiring in Hong Kong and (as we noted in March) they are trying to poach front-office bankers away from global firms. But…


Nine strange things you didn’t know from the UBS bonus plan

How will you get paid if you work at UBS? Today’s remuneration report offers some guidance. As we’ve already noted, Andrea Orcel - chief executive of the investment…

Inviting someone for a cup of coffee could cost many millions

Late Lunchtime Links: Why you should never ever email your former colleagues; the average bonus at RBS GBM may now be reduced to £10k

We’re a little late on this, but if you haven’t yet come across the cautionary tale involving Fahim Imam-Sadeque, the former EMEA sales head at BlueBay, it’s probably…