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Career Crunch: CV words to attract recruiters globally, a guide to how much you’ll earn as a banker by age

This may be one of the slowest points in the year for recruitment activity, but there’s still plenty going on. Catch up on all the top stories on…

The WRONG picture to attach to your CV

Perfecting your CV for finance jobs in China

China’s banking industry is dealing with some interesting challenges, but it remains a huge market for finance professionals, given its extensive and pervasive reach both domestically, and increasing

I just can't get it Asian enough

Ten ways to rewrite your resume for a role in Australia

Now is a good time of the year to apply if you want a job in Australia: the summer hiring slump is over and bonus season at international…

David N. Schwartz

GUEST COMMENT: The three things that investment banks look for in CVs now

Candidates often wonder what makes a CV attractive to an investment bank.  The answer will vary from one bank to another but here are some things that make…

Try this to improve your employability (Photo credit: basejumping)

FACTS FROM OUR DATABASE: Abnormal hobbies which will differentiate you from the masses

As part of our series of Friday articles based upon facts gleaned from our database, we’d like this week to provide you with some insights into the favourite…

Team sports good

GUEST COMMENT: Things you should include on your CV if you’re applying for a graduate sales role in an investment bank

We’ve already covered how to assemble a CV that will get you a job in trading, but what if you want to get a job in an investment…

Girl Banker

GUEST COMMENT: 50 tips for writing a CV that will get you a job in investment banking and financial services

This is the most comprehensive list of tips for writing a resume or CV on the internet yet! Ensuring that your resume is very well crafted and answers…

CV: UCL Student who wants to work in M&A. SCORE=77%

EDUCATION University College London (UCL), United Kingdom  2011 – Present BSc (Econ) Economics – Expected Graduation: 2014 (1st Class Honours) Achieved average of 77% (overall 3rd in course of&hellip

CV: Nottingham University student who wants to work in M&A or asset management. SCORE=69%

A confident, committed and self-motivated individual who communicates well, works hard and has excellent interpersonal skills. Entering the final year of my stimulating course, I am seeking an…

CV: Cass Business School MSc who wants to work in M&A. SCORE=75%

Education 09/2011 – 07/2012 – Cass Business School, MSc in Banking and International Finance 09/2008 – 07/2011 – Leicester Business School, First Class Honours, BA in Financial Mana

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