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Where in the world do senior investment bankers earn more? It’s not where you think

Senior investment bankers in London now earn less than those in Frankfurt. Can this be true?

Has Deutsche Bank pushed up cost of living in Birmingham? And other expensive places to live as a banker

Cost of living has increased in most major financial centres relative to other cities over the past 12 months.

Career Crunch: What job a CFA will achieve, where bankers would dearly love to work

The top jobs a CFA will achieve, a ranking of ideal financial services employers and other top stories on eFinancialCareers over the past week.

Career Crunch: The most attractive investment banking jobs, how to ace interviews as an introvert

We offered a guide to the best investment banking jobs, the best banks to work for across various divisions and the best pay packets on offer among U.S.…

High risk equals low pay in the new age of banking

For decades, the highest earners on Wall Street worked in the most risk-intensive areas, namely trading.

Credit Suisse is actually A GREAT PAYER. And other key messages from its compensation report

If you want to get paid at a European bank, work for Credit Suisse. This is one of several messages in today's compensation report from the Swiss bank.

Who earns the biggest bonuses – sales, trading, or research (redux)?

Do researchers really earn the smallest bonuses in banks' markets divisions? Maybe not.

Survey suggests £96k+ bonuses possible 2 years into a finance career

How big will your bonus be after two years in a finance career? Is £96k ($158k) really viable?

Experienced risk pros receive massive pay packages as poaching war ensues

If you want a back-office job with a fat paycheck and great job security, risk management appears the place to be.

Heinous pay for Deutsche Bank MDs. And other Deutsche compensation facts

Deutsche Bank's remuneration report confirms that it may not pay its investment bankers too well after all.

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