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Wall Street bankers expecting big things come bonus season

Oh what a difference a year makes. US bankers find themselves much more optimistic about their bonus potential for 2014.

You may be in a rocking chair when you receive your next deferred bonus payment

In a closed-door speech on Monday with Wall Street executives, Dudley said that banks should defer bonuses for a decade. Ten years!

Morning Coffee: Inside the cut-throat world of hedge fund trading

Chris Rokos made $900m during his time working at hedge fund Brevan Howard.

Morning Coffee: Investment bankers not welcome at Jackson Hole, JPMorgan’s equities hiring spree

The annual conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole has excluded more investment bankers this year.

Hedge fund bonuses no longer buy a Ferrari, but will get a Mayfair parking space

Hedge fund bonuses are not what they once were, but still offer enough for a three-bed property in Cornwall.

Morning Coffee: 2014 analyst bonuses fall to a mere $55k, UK hedge fund bonuses slip by £127k in two years

Investment banks are refusing to bolster bonuses for junior recruits despite hiking up base pay.

Python developers receive £40k pay increase, a guide to investment banking tech salaries  

Python is one of the most sought-after skills in financial technology today and banks are willing to pay a premium for it.

25 finance jobs that combine a six-figure salary with job security early in your career

Taking a high-paying job in investment banking is all very well, but it's nothing without job security. Here's an extensive list of finance jobs that pay six-figures, but offer a greater degree of career solidity.

Nomura hires new trading chief from high frequency trading firm

Nomura has hired another managing director for its trading business. This time, he joins from a high frequency trading firm.

Morning Coffee: Earning $1m as an investment banker is now too much of a long shot

Investment bankers are working as hard as ever and the prospect of riches is ever more distant. No wonder there's a retention problem.

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