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Which bank best suits your brain?

Morning Coffee: 25 best young finance brains outside banking. Banking jobs you do NOT want in 2014

Who are the 25 most intelligent young financiers who haven't sold out and got jobs in banking? Try these. And this is the worst place to work now,

Above RBS

Banking layoffs warning: Deutsche Bank’s ominous note

Just when it looked like things were getting better, July was one of the worst months for a while.


Finance skills shortage looms as firms create jobs and candidates stay put

Financial services organisations in the UK are hiring again at a reasonably rapid rate. If the new-found appetite for recruitment continues, there could be 26,000 more employed in…

Now hiring

The ten most in-demand banking skills right now

Which banking skill sets are most in demand at this juncture of 2014? This is what we're seeing across our key markets. 1. Commodities sales and trading: especially…

Now hiring

These are the 2014 graduate jobs and internships that you can still apply to at Citi, Investec, Nomura, JPMorgan and RBS

Don't have a summer internship or full-time position in an investment bank lined up for 2014? Wondering where you can still find jobs at banks in Europe, the…

Taking the temperature of banking recruitment

Banking recruiter Q&A: “On a scale of 1-10, I am at 7 for optimism regarding 2014″

What will happen to banking recruiting in 2014? Will there be any new financial services jobs? Will any banks in the City of London really be hiring? Will…

Banks want you for these jobs they appear unable to fill

These are the exciting jobs that Goldman Sachs, JPM, Morgan Stanley, UBS and DB seem unable to fill

Want a job in a bank? Want a job in bank that no one else seems to want, but which seems to be quite exciting based upon the…

They are coming for you

How to make hundreds of banking recruiters hunt you down

Don’t want to sit around waiting for recruiters to respond to your applications when they get around to it? Don’t want to live in hope that your CV…

four heads looking

Four things young people need to know before applying for banking jobs now

These days, not everyone wants a job in banking: banks are reportedly struggling to sell the industry to interns. But several thousand students do still want banking and…

Your CV

Ten ways in which recruiters can prevent you from getting a job

You're applying for a job in banking. You're spreading your CV far and wide, like bacterial effluvia following an expectoration. You're waiting to hear back from all sorts…

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