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Banking bonuses at BNP Paribas really ought to be big this year. Unfortunately, BNP bankers may be disappointed, as is often the case.

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Banking bonuses that are paid according to a formula are worth nothing if you don't have them in writing. And BofA is hiring a lot more junior bankers.

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How much can you earn as a junior M&A banker in New York, London and elsewhere?

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If you want to get paid at a European bank, work for Credit Suisse. This is one of several messages in today's compensation report from the Swiss bank.

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Do researchers really earn the smallest bonuses in banks' markets divisions? Maybe not.

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How big will your bonus be after two years in a finance career? Is £96k ($158k) really viable?

Bonus culture is corrosive, says former Citi private banking chief who now makes £3k shoes

The former head of private banking for Citigroup's private banking division now makes luxury shoes for the world's wealthy.

Dissecting pay at Barclays, BAML, CS, Citi, Deutsche, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS

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