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Six questions you should prepare to answer in any junior trading interview

We can’t tell you the exact questions that you will be asked when you sit down in an interview for a trading position: that will depend not only…

Never ask negative questions

The five questions that will convert your banking interview into a job offer

The flood gates have opened. The streets are awash with financial services employees who’ve decided they’d like a new job. According to recruitment firm Morgan McKinley, 8,300 new…

From barista to banker

How to get a job in banking when you’ve only worked as a barista

You’ve done all of the hard work for your degree, you’ve gotten a great mark and now you’re interviewing for a banking position. But then they ask you…

Expect a case study involving a company like eBay

Two real-life examples of what to expect in a Goldman Sachs case study interview

Want to work for Goldman Sachs? Wondering what you’ll encounter in your entry-level interview? We have a selection of Goldman Sachs’ graduate interview questions, here, here, and here. Howeve

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The 2013-2014 investment banking and financial services graduate interview questions

Want a graduate job or internship in an investment bank? Wondering what kinds of questions you’ll be asked apart from the standard ones that come up at every…


Enter our finance interview questions competition. Win an iPad!

Have you interviewed for a student role at an investment bank, fund management firm, hedge fund, insurance company or private equity fund this year? If so, we want…

Edith Cooper

What you must never say if you encounter this woman in an interview at Goldman Sachs

If you’re interning at Goldman Sachs, you may come across Edith Cooper. She appeared in a Goldman Sachs tweet yesterday next to a facially hirsute Lloyd Blankfein, having…

Waiting for job interview

Easy interview questions asked at Barclays, JPMorgan, RBS and Morgan Stanley

You’re interviewing for a student job in a bank. Which questions will you be asked and how can you prepare? Click the links below to see the questions…

iPod touch

Tell us your graduate/internship interview questions and you could win an iPod touch

Have you interviewed for an internship or graduate position at an investment bank, fund manager, hedge fund, or other financial services organisation in the past 12 months? We…

Consulting firm

Consulting Jobs Require You to Name Microsoft’s Worst Product, Coffin Math

How many people will buy coffins in a country with five million people? What’s Microsoft’s worst product? These are just a couple of the questions M.B.A. graduates and…

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