What it's really like to be an investment banking intern

A pictorial guide to intern life at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BAML, UBS and Citi

If you thought investment banking internships were about hard work you were wrong. At least that's how banks portray the lives of interns on social media.

How to ace an internship at J.P. Morgan and secure a full-time job offer

How to ace an internship at J.P. Morgan and secure a full-time job offer

J.P. Morgan internship experts reveal their top tips for success at the bank this summer.

Xenia JPMorgan

Top model and ex-J.P. Morgan intern offers this advice to summer analysts

J.P. Morgan liked Xenia Tchoumitcheva. When the Swiss-Italian-Russian model who speaks six languages and has an economics degree interned with the bank in London in 2012, she was…

Turn an operations internship into a full-time job

14 tips for turning an operations internship into a full-time job

If you’re toiling away as an operations intern this summer, here’s how to make sure your bank ends up offering you a full-time role.

investment banking intern

Eight ways to turn your investment banking internship into a full-time job

Investment banks tell us what to expect in their internships and how to make your time there count.

Investment bank intern

How to excel in an investment banking division (IBD) internship

You are spending 10-weeks in the investment banking division of a bulge bracket bank as an intern. How can you succeed?

Intern pay

Banking interns have had their pay revised upwards

How high is pay for interns in investment banks? High. And rising.

investment banking internship

21 top gripes of investment banking interns

Horror stories from the front line of being an investment banking intern.

Working hours interns in investment banks

Goldman Sachs isn’t the only bank with restrictions on interns’ working hours

Interns at Goldman Sachs won't be the only ones commanded to sleep in their beds at night. Many say the rules are likely to be unenforceable, however.

investment banking interns 2015

9 of the most interesting interns turning up at Goldman Sachs, JPM, MS and elsewhere this summer

So you thought you were special? Not compared to this year's intern class.

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