Intern diary: I’ve only just started this banking internship and am cold calling potential clients

What really happens on a banking internship? And how enthusiastic do you need to be? One intern reveals all.

Who’s in Bank of America’s huge summer intern class this year?

Bank of America has hired 40% more summer interns this year than last. So, what kinds of students did it recruit?

Are these the best businesses in the best banks if you’re doing a banking internship this year?

You're doing a banking internship. Where are you most likely to receive a full time job offer?

Are you a summer intern in an investment bank? Can you write (anonymously) about your experiences?

Do you want to help write the 2014 edition of the infamous eFinancialCareers intern diaries? Get in touch.

Who else is paid as much as investment banking interns?

Most investment banking interns are aged 19-21. They are paid very, very well, considering.

A banking intern’s guide to pulling all-nighters

You're a banking intern. Someone asks you to work all night. What do you do?

What’s the pay for interns on Wall Street and in the City of London this year?

What do investment banks pay their interns? Recruiters say 'summer analysts' in the City of London and on Wall Street are paid very handsomely indeed.

These are the sorts of people who are summer analysts at GS, JPM and Deutsche this year

What does it really take to become a summer analyst at a top investment bank? We've looked at some of this year's successful candidates to find out.

A year on from the death of Moritz Erhardt, what can banking interns expect this summer?

Last year, Moritz Erhardt, an intern at Bank of America, died during the summer programme. What have banks done to protect their summer hires from overwork?

Nine things to know before you even think about starting an internship on a trading floor

You have an internship on the trading floor. Make sure you don't get eaten alive.

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