How to get a banking job in Singapore without a university degree

Banks are poaching from Singapore polys, but only for the back office

A polytechnic diploma could land you a banking job in Singapore, but you could end up stuck in the back office.

What it's really like to be an investment banking intern

A pictorial guide to intern life at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BAML, UBS and Citi

If you thought investment banking internships were about hard work you were wrong. At least that's how banks portray the lives of interns on social media.

investment banking managing director

MD versus analyst: The top 50 universities for investment banking

Is there a difference between the types of universities that provide junior bankers, to the colleges that produce future MDs?

J.P. Morgan graduate hires

Meet J.P. Morgan’s 2015 analyst class

Want to work for J.P. Morgan? These are some of the graduates who've just joined.

Bankers vs. consultants

Banking vs. consulting. – McKinsey & Co. or Goldman Sachs?

In the battle of elite careers, it's banking vs. consulting. But which is really best? And ultimately, are they really that different?

How to ace an internship at J.P. Morgan and secure a full-time job offer

How to ace an internship at J.P. Morgan and secure a full-time job offer

J.P. Morgan internship experts reveal their top tips for success at the bank this summer.

Getting into private equity

“I applied for 2,000 jobs before getting directly into private equity”

So you want to work in private equity (PE) straight out of university? You'll be lucky. The traditional route into private equity involves doing your time at a…

Goldman Sachs 2015 analyst class

Meet the 2015 Goldman Sachs analyst class

You want to work for Goldman Sachs? Here's who the bank just hired onto its trainee programme.

Senior bankers in Asia come from second-rate universities

Senior Asian banking jobs staffed by people from second-rate schools

A degree from an average overseas university will help clinch you a senior banking job in Singapore or Hong Kong – at least for now.

Xenia JPMorgan

Top model and ex-J.P. Morgan intern offers this advice to summer analysts

J.P. Morgan liked Xenia Tchoumitcheva. When the Swiss-Italian-Russian model who speaks six languages and has an economics degree interned with the bank in London in 2012, she was…

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