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Compliance jobs are plentiful. But how good does your CV need to be to get into one?

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You're in a banking interview and you're asked about the European Central Bank's policy of quantitative easing. What do you say?

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Meet the man who was fired by Goldman Sachs and re-hired a month later.

“Junior banking jobs go to the rich students”

"I'm an economics student at a top university in the UK. Like a lot of my course mates, I want to go into investment banking. Unlike a lot…

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How do you answer technical interview questions at investment banks? Today, what are the implications of the soaring Swiss franc?

How much will you really earn as a graduate in an investment bank?

Graduate salaries in investment banks are already high. Recruiters say they're about to become even higher still.

Could this qualification be your ticket to a career change in Asian banking?

The CIMA professional qualification is becoming more popular in Asian banking as back-office banking professionals use it to move into middle-office jobs.

How to land a 2015 graduate job in finance if you don’t already have one

It may seem too late, but it's not. If you graduate in 2015 and haven't secured your finance job yet, there are still opportunities out there.

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