Banking interview advice from an ex-Goldman equities trader

What can you do to ensure you get a job at the end of your banking interview? One Goldman trader offers some suggestions.

Skill shortages in Asian banking – and what to do about them

Just how bad are the skill shortages afflicting Hong Kong and Singapore banking jobs? Towers Watson HR experts give their take on Asia’s talent challenges.

Five small things you must do during the first week of your MBA program

Week-one is for networking. But there are also a few less obvious things that you should do during your first few days as an MBA.

Do you want to work in law? Or do you want to work in investment banking?

Which career is best? - Law or banking? That depends on how badly you want to become very rich.

Banking interview questions answered – do you want to trade equities, or bonds?

You're sitting in a banking interview and someone asks you whether you want to trade equities or bonds. What do you say?

Meet the 11 new graduates who joined J.P. Morgan’s investment bank. What makes them so special?

What does it take to get hired into a front office investment banking position at J.P. Morgan?

What banks in Asia really want to know when they interview you

The interview questions that are in favour with graduate recruiters at banks in Singapore and Hong Kong right now.

What does it take to become a trader?

You want to work as a trader in an investment bank. What will you need on your CV?

Meet 10 graduates who just joined Goldman Sachs’ markets business. What makes them so special?

What does it really take to become a salesman or trader at Goldman Sachs? Look at these 10 recent hires.

The emerging talent shortage now sweeping the Asian finance sector

Singapore and Hong Kong don’t have enough leaders to thrive as financial centres. But a new course aims to tackle this C-level talent shortage.

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