Banks already pay more than other graduate employers, and are said to have hiked pay further still

How much will you really earn as a graduate in an investment bank?

Graduate salaries in investment banks are already high. Recruiters say they're about to become even higher still.


Could this qualification be your ticket to a career change in Asian banking?

The CIMA professional qualification is becoming more popular in Asian banking as back-office banking professionals use it to move into middle-office jobs.

Yes, you can still hook a graduate banking job for 2015

How to land a 2015 graduate job in finance if you don’t already have one

It may seem too late, but it's not. If you graduate in 2015 and haven't secured your finance job yet, there are still opportunities out there.

Send your finance CV to be reviewed

Do you want your CV reviewed by finance resume experts?

Are you a student who wants to work in finance? Do you want your CV reviewed by experts in finance resumes? Send it to us. We're looking for…

Why Goldman Sachs?

‘Why do you want to work for Goldman Sachs?’ 5 things to say

Banks have egos. They like to be made to feel special. They don't want to feel that you're spraying your CV about all over the place hoping for…

Want a banking internship? Learn from this top student

How LSE student Haydn Pole landed 11 finance internships

Is there a technique for getting internships in finance? This student says there is.


Meet eight new MBA recruits at Morgan Stanley. How did they get the job?

What does it take to get hired by a top investment bank as an MBA these days?

Want a job in banking? Start your internships young

Meet the economics student who completed 11 finance internships in his first year

How many internships do you need to get a job in finance? A lot, if this LSE student is anything to go by.

Jobs magnet

What does it really take to get a job in fund management?

Here's what is required to get your first job in the fund management industry.


Why contacts, but not nepotism, will help get your first finance job

Getting your first job in finance can be about who you know, but just don't use your contacts to open doors with HR.

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