Summer internships: When banking interns don’t get offers

Banking summer internships are nearly over. So what happens if you've been a banking intern and you don't get an offer to come back when you graduate?

Asset managers’ graduate recruitment numbers on the rise

Asset managers have been increasing their graduate intake for 2014 as investment banks cut numbers. They are also receiving many more applications.

Meet the keen young analysts hired by Bank of America this year

What does it take to get hired as an investment banking analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch this year?

Bain’s new strategy on diversifying its candidate pool

The world’s top ranked advisory firm wants to broaden its recruiting reach beyond those that feel destined to be consultants.

The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Which Masters in Finance courses will give you the best chance of securing a front office job in an investment bank?

Intern diary: My boss told me to call every bank I was vaguely interested in working for

In the final installment of the diary of a wealth management intern, some invaluable career advice is given.

Why investment banks and hedge funds are still getting graduate recruitment wrong

Investment banks and hedge funds miss out on a lot of graduate talent by focusing purely on academics, the top universities and the right mix of extra-curricular activities.

Nine of best high paying entry level jobs in finance

Which roles in the financial sector will ensure that you earn good money from the outset?

University ranking: The top 25 colleges for breaking into asset management in Europe

Asset management firms appear to target predominantly the elite UK universities when recruiting for their graduate schemes.

Intern diary: I’ve already decided that a wealth management job is too mundane

In the third installment of a diary of a wealth management intern, our writer decides that there's not much to working as a financial advisor.

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