Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Sales & Trading

Sales & Trading The wheeler dealers working the secondary markets Every day, millions of financial products are bought and sold in the secondary markets where traders and salespeople in investment&he

What it really takes to get a job in banking now

Real-world tips for getting a foothold in investment banking Honest advice about going into investment banking after university is hard to find. Graduate recruiters want to encourage as many application

Should you get yourself onto this elite list of the top student bankers?

Are you a student at an elite UK university? Despite studying at said-elite institution, are you wondering how to differentiate yourself from all your upper-echelon contemporaries? One option…

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in equity research

Research Robust ideas that fuel stock market trades Equity researchers, or analysts, are often the talking heads of the investment banks. When a bank offers an opinion on a particular…

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Fund Management

Fund Management Pension pots, portfolios and the art of long-term investment Fund managers invest money on behalf of their clients – including pension funds, institutional investors, retail investors,

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in hedge funds and private equity

Alternative Investments  High-earning roles, reserved for a select group of graduates A typical investment is usually in stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments, however, cover a broader range &

U.K. and U.S. students go into banking for the money, French for the prestige

Banking’s popularity as a career choice for graduates has taken a hit since the financial crisis, but considering the ongoing scandals, job cuts and the negative associations of…

Your questions answered on graduate recruitment at Deutsche Bank

Do you want to work for Deutsche Bank’s corporate and investment bank? Faye Woodhead, Deutsche’s head of graduate recruitment globally (or to be precise, Deutsche’s Head of Global…

Would you pay nearly $15k to launch an investment banking career?

Investment banking internships are both notoriously competitive to secure and the most direct route to a full-time job in the industry. Goldman Sachs extends offers to only 2%…

Students, these are the banks you must to apply to RIGHT NOW!

We’ve updated our list of application deadlines for investment banks’ summer internships and graduate programmes in EMEA. You can see the list in its entirety here.  If you…

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