The top 20 universities globally for getting a job in finance

The QS World University rankings are out. In the British press, there is excitement over the fact that six of the all-round top universities are based in the…

What Goldman Sachs’ Careers Twitter feed says about who Goldman hires

If you want to work at Goldman Sachs and you’re not following the Goldman Sachs Careers Twitter feed you may be missing something. Ok, they don’t exactly tweet…

The three degree subjects most likely to get you a job in banking

In theory, banks are open minded inclusive places that are more than happy to hire liberal arts graduates just so long as those graduates can pass a few…

Diary of a back office intern: 75% of front office interns got an offer, and 100% of the back office

It’s all over and the results are in. As you might recall from one of my previous entries, the vast majority of MO & BO interns were going…

Sectors explained: Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking Managing the banking business of the kings of capitalism Corporate banking, usually called commercial banking in the US, is the broad term applied to the various banking services&hellip

Sectors explained: Wealth Management

Wealth Management Sophisticated diplomats managing money for the world’s rich Private wealth managers help very rich and, occasionally, famous people manage their money, ensuring that it grows and that

Sectors explained: Global Custody

Global Custody Safe-keeping experts handling ever-more complex tasks  Global custody used to be simply about the safe-keeping and administration of securities for pension funds and fund managers. But, as

Sectors explained: Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets The fast-paced world of government and corporate bonds If a company wants to expand but doesn’t want to sacrifice private ownership, it’s more likely to turn to…

Sectors explained: Insurance

Insurance Storms, statistics and the complex business of being prepared for the worst Insurance is about making sure you’re covered when the worst happens, whether that’s a natural disaster, a car&h

Sectors explained: Data Providers & Ratings Agencies

Data Providers & Rating Agencies Providing the information that fuels investor sentiment Credit rating agencies assess the likelihood that an organisation or country issuing debt will fail to pay bac

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