Two former M&A bankers reveal what it really takes to convert your summer internship into a job

What can you do that will result in you actually getting a job offer at the end of your banking summer internship? Try this.

Six signs you will be rejected when you apply for a job at Goldman Sachs (and how to overcome them)

Tens of thousands of graduates are rejected by Goldman Sachs every year. How can you make sure you're not among them?

Nine easy ways to blow your spring week in an investment bank

You're a first year university student with a place on an investment bank's spring week. Here's how to work it.

Is Teach First really an alternative route into a graduate job at Goldman Sachs?

Can you really use Teach First to help you get a job in investment banking? Maybe not.

Where in the world Goldman Sachs and JPM are 2nd tier

Which bank should you work for where if you're in M&A, ECM, DCM, or syndicated loans?

Wall Street banks, consulting firms quietly gaining in popularity amongst undergrads

The financial crisis and the regulatory nightmare that followed did some serious damage to the reputation of financial services firms, particularly in the eyes of prospective employees, who…

Banks’ weird hierarchies: what analysts, associates, VPs, MDs do really

So you want to work in an investment bank? What is an analyst, associate, VP and MD exactly?

How to avoid looking like an idiot when applying for your first investment banking job

It’s happened again – an over-zealous Gordon Gekko wannabe has applied for an intern position at a bank, presenting himself as a new master of the universe and,…

When you get an investment banking internship, there’s a 33% chance you’ll screw it up

If you succeed in gaining a summer internship in an investment bank, a full-time job offer is yours to lose. This is the message both from careers services…

Investment banks offering graduates a second bite of the cherry as deal volumes pick up

It’s March and a strange thing is happening with investment banking graduate recruitment – there are still front office opportunities available. An increasing number of bulge bracket banks…

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