Sectors explained: Global Custody

Global Custody Safe-keeping experts handling ever-more complex tasks  Global custody used to be simply about the safe-keeping and administration of securities for pension funds and fund managers. But, as

Sectors explained: Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets The fast-paced world of government and corporate bonds If a company wants to expand but doesn’t want to sacrifice private ownership, it’s more likely to turn to…

Sectors explained: Insurance

Insurance Storms, statistics and the complex business of being prepared for the worst Insurance is about making sure you’re covered when the worst happens, whether that’s a natural disaster, a car&h

Sectors explained: Data Providers & Ratings Agencies

Data Providers & Rating Agencies Providing the information that fuels investor sentiment Credit rating agencies assess the likelihood that an organisation or country issuing debt will fail to pay bac

Sectors explained: Accounting

Accounting Much more than just bean-counters People have a stereotypical view of what accountants do. In reality, there are many career options. If you want to become one, ask yourself what…

Sectors explained: Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions  Big deals, sharp suits and intense competition When people think of investment banking, it’s invariably the sharp-suited individuals working on big deals in the mergers &

Sectors explained: IT in Finance

Information Technology The rapidly evolving IT at the heart of financial services Technology is intertwined with financial markets, with some of the bigger investment banks employing as many people in&he

Sectors explained: Investment Banking Operations

Operations The unsung heroes in a bank’s back office Once you delve into the world of investment banking, you will soon hear the terms ‘front office’, ‘middle office’ and ‘back…

Sectors explained: Interdealer Broking

Interdealer Broking Intermediaries working behind the scenes Interdealer brokers (IDBs) have traditionally been publicity-shy but, as investment banking has hit the headlines during the financial crisis,

Diary of an IBD intern: Banking isn’t a glamour industry for geniuses

As if in a flash, it’s all over. Although so tough, and at times, oh, so long, I’ve completed my investment banking internship still feeling fresh and relatively…

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