Not winning everywhere

Where in the world Goldman Sachs and JPM are 2nd tier

Information provider Dealogic has released its overview of banks’ performance across M&A, equity capital markets (ECM), debt capital markets (DCM) and syndicated loans in the first quarter of&hel

Strangely named rungs on the banking ladder.

Banks’ weird hierarchies: what analysts, associates, VPs, MDs do really

What do investment banking job titles really signify? The storm of acronyms is bewildering to anyone outside banking who thinks a company has only one managing director (MD),…

It's all about client service

Five things senior private equity professionals say about working in PE now

This week was the London School of Economics’ Alternative Investments Conference. As we’ve already reported, one hedge fund manager in attendance stood up and said students should be prepared&

The factory floor of an investment bank

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Equity Capital Markets

Equity Capital Markets Guiding companies into the public sphere Stock markets may be the public face of the financial sector, but before a company’s shares can be traded they must…


Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Compliance and Risk Management

The internal police keeping the front office in check It is up to risk management teams in investment banks to make sure the bank doesn’t exceed its risk appetite and…

This could be you

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Sales & Trading

Sales & Trading The wheeler dealers working the secondary markets Every day, millions of financial products are bought and sold in the secondary markets where traders and salespeople in investment&he

Research reports

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in equity research

Research Robust ideas that fuel stock market trades Equity researchers, or analysts, are often the talking heads of the investment banks. When a bank offers an opinion on a particular…

SE Asian M&A dealmakers getting lots of this

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in Fund Management

Fund Management Pension pots, portfolios and the art of long-term investment Fund managers invest money on behalf of their clients – including pension funds, institutional investors, retail investors,


The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Getting a graduate job in investment banking is arguably tougher than ever. Anyone securing a position now needs to have internship experience, gleaming extra-curricular activities, impeccable academics an

Two Hedges

Sectors explained: Graduate jobs in hedge funds and private equity

Alternative Investments  High-earning roles, reserved for a select group of graduates A typical investment is usually in stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments, however, cover a broader range &

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