Sector: Graduates and interns

Meet the new members of Deutsche Bank’s analyst class. What makes them special?

As part of our ongoing series scrutinizing the sorts of people who achieve the highly sought-after positions on banks’ graduate programmes, we’ve looked at Deutsche Bank’s analyst class…

The top 20 universities globally for getting a job in finance

Which are the top universities for finance careers? You'd be surprised: a new ranking suggests they're not all the usual suspects.

Why first year students MUST apply for Spring Weeks

Are you a first year university student in Europe? Do you want a banking internship? Apply for a Spring Week now.

Intern diary: I asked for a letter of recommendation and was told to write it myself

The first thing you will learn during banking internships is that busy managers will get you to do the grunt work yourself.

Former Goldman Sachs interns reflect upon where it all went wrong

You're a Goldman Sachs intern and you don't get a job offer? What should you have done differently? And does it really matter anyway?

Intern diary: I’ve only just started this banking internship and am cold calling potential clients

What really happens on a banking internship? And how enthusiastic do you need to be? One intern reveals all.

Who’s in Bank of America’s huge summer intern class this year?

Bank of America has hired 40% more summer interns this year than last. So, what kinds of students did it recruit?

Morning Coffee: Where to find 8,500 finance jobs a month. When senior bankers’ sons get summer jobs in banking

Want a job in finance? Fortunately, there are 1000s of finance jobs here. - Or are there? And senior bankers' sons seem to find it easy to get into banking.

Are these the best businesses in the best banks if you’re doing a banking internship this year?

You're doing a banking internship. Where are you most likely to receive a full time job offer?

Morning Coffee: Contractor at Goldman Sachs made disastrous mistake. Banking intern’s perceptive observations

A contractor at Goldman Sachs has made a foolish error, sparking pursuit of the owner of a mystery email address. And banking internships are not all that.

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