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“Trust me the City is NOT rotten to the core! These FX fiddlers are just mindless and selfish”

It's time for bankers to oust the criminals in their midst, says City of London veteran David Buik.

Upset as FX traders anticipating bonuses now face pay destitution

A few weeks ago, FX traders in London were daring to hope. Yes, the prospect of fines related to FX fixing loomed, but thanks to September's increased volatility…

Morning Coffee: HSBC’s devoted traders to work through night. Ex-Goldman ED delivering takeaways

HSBC's traders may not be the highest paid, but they're some of the hardest working. And a man has left Goldman to deliver takeaway food.

JPMorgan suggests these front office banking jobs are best for 2015

Which banking jobs are going to be good for next year? JPMorgan's analysts have some suggestions.

I was a banker. It was so dull that I’m leaving to work in law

Are banking jobs incredibly dull? One ex-FX structurer has had enough of the repetition.

Morning Coffee: 25 best young finance brains outside banking. Banking jobs you do NOT want in 2014

Who are the 25 most intelligent young financiers who haven't sold out and got jobs in banking? Try these. And this is the worst place to work now,

Reading between the lines for jobs and pay at the ‘bankers’ refuge’ – Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered has been giving shelter to bankers from other firms. But is it really the refuge it seems?

Morning Coffee: Beware hedge funds dangling unattainable pay packages. Last man standing promoted at Citi

If a hedge fund offers to pay when performance objectives are met, look at those objectives closely. And Citi's James Bindler shows the virtue of patience.

Morning Coffee: Top tier banker in 3rd tier firm prevails, again. Naughty Deutsche trader hired by hedge fund

Do you really need to work in a Goldman Sachs or Bank of America Merrill Lynch to be the best? And a hedge fund has hired a trader let go from Deutsche,

Barclays will now be hiring, paying and appreciating precisely these people in its investment bank

Barclays is making nearly 30% of its investment bank staff redundant. But it still loves some. This is who can still feel fine at Barclays this afternoon.

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