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Deutsche Bank says the first year of an M&A career will be the hardest work of your life.

Six learnings from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Unofficial Guide to Banking’

Deutsche Bank is promoting its 'Unofficial Guide' to banking careers. The guide makes some interesting claims.

Raining money in the middle office

Forty ‘easy’ banking jobs that pay £100k+ salaries after 5 years

How can you earn £100k+ salaries in finance without busting too much of a gut? These jobs might be the answer.


Banish feelings of inadequacy: How to make it as a big shot before 30

The latest Forbes list of finance wunderkinder ‘30 under 30’ is enough to make even most heavy-hitters feel hopelessly inadequate. While most people are still couch surfing and…

Daily Dispatches – Why being a psychopath is good for a career in finance

That is, says the Financial Times, in an article entitled The psychopath's guide to finance careers, unless you want to be a fund manager. The FT reports that…

Some areas of the financial services hiring market

Morning Coffee: Where financial services hiring is flourishing now. How 2,000+ jobs could go from Goldman Sachs in London

If financial services recruitment were a garden, it would now be lying mostly dormant for the winter but with the odd bed of flourishing winter vegetables. The exciting…

Doing battle for compliance advisory consultants

Huge new war for talent as financial services jobseekers in London fall short by more than 13,000 in 2013

Times have changed. Forget the notion that there are tens of thousands of frustrated ex-finance professionals futilely seeking re-employment. That's passé. 2013 has, in fact, been a year…

Now hiring

Morning Coffee: This firm is hiring 2,400 experienced finance professionals in the UK before June 2014

Morning Coffee: This firm is hiring 2,400 experienced finance professionals in the UK before June 2014 Another week, another big hiring number - and, no, it doesn't involve JPMorgan…


Barclays’ tax and finance division contains high concentration of people in flip flops

Where should you go if you want to find dressed-down bankers in this heat? Try the finance and tax division at Barclays' investment bank. An insider tipped us…


Morning Coffee: Crazy bonuses seemingly on offer at Barclays

Barclays has hired a new finance director. Tushar Morzaria, formerly chief financial officer at J.P. Morgan's corporate and investment bank is joining as the UK bank's CFO. So…

Where the mischievous people work

Research reveals ‘dark personality traits’ needed for jobs in finance

Not all finance professionals are hubristic, colourful personalities with a tendency towards grandiosity and entitlement. And not all insurance professionals are mischievous and cunning risk takers. But if

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