The big pay disparities within the Big Four

All divisions within the Big Four are not created equal when it comes to pay.

So you think you can get out of finance? An anthropologist says no

After studying over 100 bankers, one anthropologist says finance professionals who think they'll quit banking after a decade are deluding themselves.

Six facts about working for J.P. Morgan now

What does J.P. Morgan's annual report tell you about working at the bank now?

How Deloitte are introducing working practices flexible enough for everyone

Agile working practices don't have to be largescale arrangements. Deloitte is trying to make its employees lives a little easier.

Morning Coffee: Ex-games programmer is hot hedge fund manager. JPM building as Deutsche cuts

A former programmer of arcade-style video games is now one of the world's hottest hedge fund managers. And JPM is bolstering where Deutsche is cutting.

Nine ways to spot bad recruiters

Here’s how to weed out cowboy recruiters so you only work with the best.

How to make it in private equity before you’re 35

Private equity is the pinnacle of most financial professionals' career aspirations. Here's how to become a principal at a large fund before you get old.

The easiest age for finding a job in finance

So you're applying for a new job in finance? Competition is incredibly tough once you hit 35.

Four new finance firms that could hire you

These finance firms have just been given the green light by the UK's Financial Conduct authority and could offer job opportunities.

6 people Deutsche Bank wants to hear from between now and 2020

Deutsche Bank is cutting back. But this doesn't mean it won't be hiring too.

Morning Coffee: Enormous profits of arrogant 35 year-old trader. Hiring mistake at Credit Suisse

If you're a trader who made $550m in profits during one year, how much do you deserve to get paid? And Credit Suisse says it hired too many people.

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