11 banking jobs where you can still land a large salary rise in Hong Kong and Singapore

While large pay rises are rare in the current job market, there are notable expectations.

How much you can earn as a young banker in China

Banking in China is more fragmented than the West, leading to more variance in junior bankers' pay and bonus. We talk to experts to find out the figures.

This is what your investment banking salary should be in Singapore

Are you underpaid or overpaid in Singapore banking? Our compensation table reveals how your salary shapes up.

Did HSBC just become the last bank to hike juniors’ salaries?

Last month Deutsche increased salaries for its junior bankers. This month we understand that HSBC has (belatedly) done the same. Recruiters say HSBC just raised salaries for its juniors…

One chart that tells you everything about bonuses on Wall Street

Want a bigger bonus? Don't work here.

Here’s how much 22 year-olds earn on Wall Street

How much do first year analysts earn on Wall Street? A lot.

How much did Sajid Javid earn at Deutsche Bank?

Did Sajid Javid take a 98% pay cut to become a politician?

How much would your boss pay to stop you leaving?

Times are tight. If you work in banking and you want a pay increase, recruiters say there is really only one way of securing one: you'll need to…

Chinese banks start to shake-up compensation schemes to compete with private sector

Chinese banks have tentatively started offering their employees share-ownership schemes. This is a significant move in the country, but could backfire.

Did Deutsche Bank just backdate a big pay hike for its junior bankers?

Deutsche Bank finally did the deed and hiked pay for juniors in M&A. Or so we hear.

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