A detailed comparison of pay at BNP Paribas and SocGen

The latest pay reports from BNP Paribas and SocGen confirm that French banks are not the most generous. There are also important differences between them.

How to earn £100k+ in accounting

Bankers aren't the only ones on six figures. if you play your accounting career well, pay in accounting can be generous too.

How to make $1m at RBS

RBS's investment bank is not known as a great payer. However, 130 people there made $1m last year. This is what the bank says they have in common.

A detailed comparison of pay at Barclays, RBS and HSBC

When it comes to pay for its investment bankers, RBS excels on an unlikely measure.

The small investment bank paying huge bonuses

CICC is handing out bonus of up to 48 months' salary, potentially to retain staff, after a few years' revenue decline that led to an exodus of executives.

A detailed comparison of pay at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS

Which top European investment bank pays the most, defers the least, defers for the shortest amount of time and is least likely to claw back your bonus?

So, here’s what jobs and pay look like at Goldman Sachs in London

Is London the best Goldman Sachs office to work in? Maybe. Here's why.

So you still want a guaranteed bonus to change jobs on Wall Street, or in the City of London?

Guaranteed bonuses still exist. Just look at the compensation reports of Credit Suisse or UBS: both are still paying people defined bonuses to switch employers. But guarantees are not…

Morgan Stanley explains why fixed income traders will never get paid again

So you thought fixed income salaries and bonuses were only temporarily depressed? Look at the chart below (taken from Morgan Stanley's giant new banking report). Weep. Back in…

Another sign that pay has plummeted for Barclays bankers on Wall Street?

With Skip McGee out of the way, has something bad happened to pay on 7th Avenue?

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