A product controller in New York City

The 11 highest paid accounting in finance jobs globally

So you want to become an accountant working in banking and financial services? With around five years’ experience in accounting in finance, where in the world can you…

Who needs money when you have a badge?

What we’ve learned recently about top-level pay in the insurance industry

Guess what? Insurance companies are big payers. Stephen Hester isn’t the only UK-based insurance professional making big money.  The Prudential’s Richard Woolnough earns more ($29m) than the b

Watch Lloyd Blankfein do a Fosbury flop.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs raises the bonus bar. Why high paying Hong Kong jobs are risky

It will be harder to achieve a full Goldman Sachs bonus in future.-  At least, this is the case if you happen to be Goldman chief executive Lloyd…


Behold the banks in Asia that buy out deferred bonuses with cash guarantees

Chinese corporate and investment banks are hiring in Hong Kong and (as we noted in March) they are trying to poach front-office bankers away from global firms. But…

Pay rise

Investment banks in Asia hiring ‘washed out’ traders for compliance roles, doubling pay

Want to work among the nouveau riche of Asian banking? You are advised to consider compliance – a role where pay rises exceed those of the front office…

Brady Dougan, big payer

Credit Suisse is actually A GREAT PAYER. And other key messages from its compensation report

If you want to get paid working for a European investment bank, you may want to think of working for Credit Suisse and avoiding Deutsche Bank. This is…


Morning Coffee: Long term, you’ll make more in banking if you didn’t go to a target school. The vulnerability of Credit Suisse

Should you study at Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Bocconi, Paris Dauphine, or WHU in Germany? Or should you just study at the best school you…

When bonuses are too big to handle

Survey suggests £96k+ bonuses possible 2 years into a finance career

How much will you earn if you go into banking and financial services after you leave university? More than in most other industries remains the answer. But can…


Heinous pay for Deutsche Bank MDs. And other Deutsche compensation facts

While everyone frets over Deutsche’s coming redundancies, the German bank has quietly divulged how and how much it paid its bankers last year. After a quick perusal of its remuneration…

Good job, bad pay

Is this the most simultaneously interesting and underpaid trading job in an investment bank?

If you want to work as a trader in an investment bank, you probably haven’t thought of targeting the ‘capital management desk’. That might be a little remiss…

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