How to get the bonus you deserve for 2014

How can you achieve a bonus appropriate to your hard work? Bankers share their Machiavellian tactics.

Pay at Pimco in London. High, but not hundreds of millions high

How high is Pimco's pay in London? High, but you won't be earning a Bill Gross style package.

How to get a banking job in Asia NOW but still get a bonus from your current firm

Banks in Singapore and Hong Kong can't afford to give guaranteed bonuses, so they're delaying the start date of new jobs until next year.

10 big insights into finance pay, from the industry’s leading pay consultant

What's happening to investment banking pay? The industry's preeminent pay consultant says it's not so hot, particularly compared to pay in asset management.

Meet the bankers in Asia who are still getting guaranteed bonuses

Guaranteed bonuses are increasingly becoming a rarity in Singapore and Hong Kong, but senior private bankers are a notable exception.

Deutsche Bank says its big salary increases are becoming burdensome

Deutsche Bank has increased salaries for its senior investment bankers. Back in April, the German bank said it was hiking salaries for 1,700 of its highest earners by…

How much can you earn as a quant in New York and London?

How high is quant pay in banking? Some new compensation data offers an indication.

Junior bankers lured with promise of full bonus for 2 months’ work

Banks want to hire juniors so so so much that they're offering them full year's bonuses for working from now to December.

Ranking the Swiss wealth managers that pay the most

How high are Swiss banking salaries? Which Swiss banks pay the most? Here's our league table.

The finance professionals in Asia who lie during salary negotiations

The tactics used by finance professionals in Asia during salary negotiations are becoming more aggressive.

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