Morning Coffee: What it’s really like to be an economist in London. Why Goldman and JPM traders did so well

So you want to be an economist? Are you prepared for this conveyor belt? And it wasn't skill (alone) that made JPM and Goldman Sachs' traders outperform in Q1.

Why this could be an ‘easy’ year for getting into at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs just did something very unusual in the first quarter. And it's good news if you want to work there.

Morning Coffee: Deutsche Bank denies trader exits are anything unusual. Senior M&A bankers’ secret tactics

There is nothing to see at Deutsche Bank. And how do you get two companies to do a deal?

Morning Coffee: The best age for an MBA. Why J.P. Morgan traders are celebrating prematurely

Should you leave an MBA until you're 28? Maybe not. And one good quarter won't change investors' opinions about trading businesses.

Morning Coffee: Where J.P. Morgan will hire in IBD. Why investment bankers should join the Big Four

J. P. Morgan is cutting $2.8bn of costs from its investment banks, but it will be 'investing heavily' here. And this is why the Big Four are luring bankers.

Morning Coffee: Gigantic fixed allowances at Goldman Sachs. Hideous hazing of 23 year-old finance trainee

Goldman Sachs is paying its London staff enormous role-based allowances to avoid the EU bonus cap. And who'd be a 23 year-old trainee broker?

Morning Coffee: Is no one safe at Barclays? Bold trader demands his dues

Outperformed the market at Barclays? That's no guarantee you'll keep your job. And Mayank Chamadia has given hope to unfairly treated traders everywhere.

You must be working for the right bank before you’re 30

Banking career paths have changed. You now need to get into a top bank before you turn into a pumpkin.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs’ new favourite university. Immense improbability of getting into Google

Which UK university just received a large grant from Goldman Sachs? And it's a waste of time applying to Google - almost.

Morning Coffee: Is this the bank with the worst set up for IBD juniors? When bankers act dominant

What's worse than working 80 hour weeks in M&A in London? And HSBC bankers stand accused of bullying control staff.

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