Meet the exceptional interns about to arrive at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley

These are the sorts of people who will soon be turning up to the most junior jobs at top investment banks.

Crumbling in compliance: How the middle office became one of the most stressful finance jobs

Compliance professionals should be careful what they wish for - higher status and rising pay is increasing burnout.

Morning Coffee: The only situation in which BAML traders will not lose their jobs. Schools that will make J.P. Morgan love you

Traders at Bank of America are at risk of redundancy, unless this happens. If you attend these schools you are assured of a fine future at J.P. Morgan.

Morning Coffee: How much Tom Hayes was paid really. Weird food when you work 18 hours a day

What percentage of his revenues did Tom Hayes get paid at UBS? And how can you nourish yourself when you have no time?

The 7 top front office jobs for the 2nd half of 2015

So you want a sales, trading, research or M&A job this year? These are the hotspots.

Morning Coffee: Words that will get you a junior job at Barclays, Morgan Stanley. Layoffs at BNP Paribas

What should you say if you want to get into Barclays or Morgan Stanley? And BNP Paribas has decided that being simple and efficient isn't enough.

Barclays just hired this European equities trader from Millennium Capital Partners

Barclays just bolstered its equities team with a hedge fund hire.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ traders, sales, compliance staff all implicated. Why plentiful accounting jobs are unappealing

It's not just traders: sales and compliance also come out looking badly in Barclays' latest scandal. And, why graduates shouldn't become accountants.

Fear of layoffs, relocation, pervades J.P. Morgan’s tech team

Banned from having full profiles on LinkedIn, J.P. Morgan's technology staff are fearful of losing their jobs or being moved to less desirable locations.

Rothschild paid its UK bonuses early this year – in case Ed Miliband won

Rothschild's London bankers got an election-inspired treat.

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