Actually, Morgan Stanley is hiring more in equities than fixed income

So you thought Morgan Stanley might pick you up if you lose your job in fixed income? You might be wrong.

Morning Coffee: Confluence of horrors hits Deutsche Bank. Crazed extracurriculars of top finance youth

It's not turning out to be a good week for Deutsche Bank. And how do you really differentiate yourself if you want a job in finance?

Why Mizuho is expanding in FICC

While most banks pull back from fixed income, one is swimming against the tide.

Morning Coffee: The 30 year-old hedge fund stars whose world is falling apart. Banking teams du jour

Greece was a way for young hedge fund managers to make a lot of money. Not any more.

Good news for J.P. Morgan people who are moving to Bournemouth

J.P. Morgan's infrastructure staff are seemingly being incentivised to move to the seaside.

Morning Coffee: How the career advice of Gary Cohn differs to that of Lloyd Blankfein. 30 year-old analyst can’t get enough

Gary Cohn and Lloyd Blankfein are very different. And it's not just a question of height.

The quiet hiring spree for Fintech professionals in China

Chinese local banks have seen their business growing rapidly. That requires more back office technology staff who can support the growth. Are they ready?

So you want one of those graduate jobs at Brevan Howard?

Brevan Howard is hiring graduates. If you want to get in, you'll need to be like this.

Goldman Sachs is drawing in staff from JPM, MS, UBS and Barclays

Goldman Sachs has been doing all sorts of hiring in London. Some people have event accepted demotions to join.

Morning Coffee: Most infamous 35 year-old in finance now free to make £40k a week. Brevan Howard wants neophytes

Aged 30, he was making £360k . For the past five years, he's earned nothing at all... And, Brevan Howard is hiring graduates too.

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