Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs’ grave mistake. 29 year-old with best job in finance

Goldman Sachs made a mistake which could wipe out up to 20% of its first quarter profits. And bankers in London and New York should envy this 29 year-old.

The financial services firm that absolutely insists on an MBA from a top business school

Pimco is hiring lots of MBA graduates from the most prestigious schools - even for roles in sales.

Morning Coffee: Banker returns from 2nd holiday of the year, predicts doom. Coder costs Deutsche £5m

Albert Edwards at SocGen has had two holidays this year. They haven't raised his spirits much. And should coders earn more?

Top researcher joins hedge fund Millennium Capital, leaves after 3 months

Millennium Capital Partners has a reputation for hiring bankers for short stints of time. But when it comes to transitory hires this looks like a record.

Morning Coffee: 25 best young finance brains outside banking. Banking jobs you do NOT want in 2014

Who are the 25 most intelligent young financiers who haven't sold out and got jobs in banking? Try these. And this is the worst place to work now,

Why banks are looking for their top developers in Eastern Europe

Where do top developers live these days? Try the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Goldman Sachs just hired someone from Lidl

Goldman Sachs careers are not always as prescribed as they seem. One analyst just joined the firm after most recently worked for supermarket chain Lidl UK.

Morning Coffee: How to get a job at Brevan Howard now. Could repo traders bring down banks?

Things have been going wrong in the repo market. Could this be the site of the next financial crisis? And Brevan Howard may not want you now.

Goldman Sachs jobs suddenly filled with outsiders (from Bank of America)

In the past few years a lot of Goldman Sachs bankers have gone to Bank of America. Now Goldman is getting its own back, sort of.

Morning Coffee: How to become a famous equities analyst, aged 27.  Bill Gross’s nemesis now hiring

How can you get your investment opinions heard just 3 years after you've left university? And, do you want to work for ex-Pimco man Marc Sneider?

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