Morning Coffee: Nomura needs to hire VPs to convert to MDs. How hedge fund jobs became boring

Are you a mid-ranking banker looking for a break? Try joining Nomura. Separately, hedge fund jobs have less and less going for them.

Morning Coffee: Google applications crush applications to Goldman Sachs. Where to get a £268k bonus

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been trounced as the most popular places to work. And which banking job will pay you the highest bonus?

Morning Coffee: HSBC’s devoted traders to work through night. Ex-Goldman ED delivering takeaways

HSBC's traders may not be the highest paid, but they're some of the hardest working. And a man has left Goldman to deliver takeaway food.

Morning Coffee: Barclays treats traders like naughty children. M&A hiring erupts

Barclays traders are having their special privileges taken away. And there has been a sudden outburst of senior M&A recruitment.

Upper middle class families more likely to produce bankers

If you want to work in banking, it helps to be at least middle class .

Perfect profiles for careers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche and others

What kinds of people really occupy jobs at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and elsewhere? We've looked at our resume database and pulled out some answers.

Morning Coffee: How to get a job at Amplify Trading. UBS banker accused of harassing intern

Thanks to the BBC, trading jobs have never been more popular. Amplify Trading can expect a surge of job applications this morning.

Morning Coffee: ‘Average’ front office banking job now pays £600k. Where is Michele Foresti?

Average pay for ALL M&A bankers and traders in the City of London is nearly $1m, allegedly. And BofA's star hire is having a few problems.

Morning Coffee: Bizarre career change for banker at Citi. Scottish independence to fuel these City jobs

A senior trader at Citi has offered hope for FICC professionals who are fearful about their futures. If Scotland votes yes, here's who'll benefit.

Compliance jobs in banks: High pressure, high reward

This compliance recruiter says compliance jobs have changed beyond all recognition over the past ten years. Here's what you need to know.

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