Morning Coffee: JPMorgan’s quiet layoffs. Goldman Sachs’ Q3 results will look better than they are

JPMorgan has been making some stealthy redundancies in the front office ahead of bonuses. And don't be deceived if Goldman's FICC revenues rise 40% in Q3.

Morning Coffee: Do you want to work in Hong Kong now? Bill Gross’s last straw

Bankers in Hong Kong have had a shock over the weekend. Will the region's allure fade for expats? And, Bill Gross just couldn't resist....

Want to work with Bill Gross at Janus Capital? You’ll need this

Bill Gross has joined Janus Capital. If you want to work there too, this is what you'll need on your resume.

Morning Coffee: Seems Goldman Sachs intends to hire 3,600 people here. Banking pay chaos in London

Where is Goldman Sachs building a giant new building to house 9,000 people? No, it's not Farringdon. And, watch your pay.

Banking vs. consulting. – McKinsey & Co. or Goldman Sachs?

In the battle of elite careers, it's banking vs. consulting. But which is really best? And ultimately, are they really that different?

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan takes aim at fixed income traders. Laid-back life of the formerly overworked financier

JPMorgan seems to have changed its mind about the Morgan Stanley fixed income recovery. And Mohamed El Erian's life is very different to the way it was.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs traders keep on leaving for hedge funds. Don’t quit, go part time

It's still a thing: traders are escaping Goldman Sachs for hedge funds. And if your daughter nags you to quit your job, think about going part time instead.

Those senior BofA fixed income layoffs? They’re not just fixed income. Nor are they just MDs

Bank of America's firing net may be a little wider than we'd previously thought.

The 5 most in-demand front office banking jobs of 2015

Will there be new banking jobs in 2015? Yes. Will there be a lot of new front office banking jobs in 2015? Yes - but mostly in these areas.

Morning Coffee: Orcel’s UBS shakeup gets nasty. Trader makes £200k gambling on Scottish vote

Andrea Orcel's latest shakeup at UBS marks a comeback for the Deutsche traders who lost out after Kweku Adoboli. And gambling works, sometimes.

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