Morning Coffee: Jamie Dimon vs. Lloyd Blankfein pay wars. Equities bankers leaving Deutsche pre-bonuses

Pay for Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein has now been announced. One man is doing better than the other, both are doing a lot better than their employees.

Morning Coffee: Swiss franc to spur layoffs at UBS and Credit Suisse? The rise and retirement of Damon Buffini

How afraid should UBS and Credit Suisse bankers be of the Swiss franc? And who said you need rich parents to thrive in finance?

The 3 most in-demand banking jobs of 2015

Want to be pursued by banks waving cheques in the year ahead? This is where you need to be.

How Goldman Sachs compares with JPM, Citi and BofA

Who is the finest of them all?

What’s really going on in Citi and BofA’s investment banks?

Looking for a career at Citi or Bank of America? This is what you need to know about their investment banks.

Lost your job in fixed income? Look who may hire you

Does your job in fixed income feel shaky? Are you uncertain what 2015 has in store? Fear not - a bank with a mandate to hire is waiting in the wings.

Bad things J.P. Morgan’s results are telling its investment banking employees

J.P. Morgan just released its fourth quarter results. They're not so hot if you work for its corporate and investment bank.

There have been these strange departures from J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan has seemingly being shedding a few senior staff.

Morning Coffee:  Equities layoffs have spread to Morgan Stanley. Highest paid MBA graduates in the world

First came Standard Chartered, with last week's decision to ditch 200 people as it closed its entire cash equities business. And now we have a smattering of equities…

Morgan Stanley’s guide to what’s coming next for investment banks in 2015

Morgan Stanley's banking analysts can see some dark figures on the horizon for European banks in 2015.

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