The only chart you need to steer a sales and trading career

Productivity is the watchword in markets jobs today. As 'seat costs' increase thanks to higher investments in risk, compliance and technology, salespeople and traders are under pressure to…

Burned out junior bankers in Hong Kong start looking for an escape route

Some analysts may enjoy the Gatsby party lifestyle, but for most young bankers there, long hours and work pressure are more of the stuff to deal with.

Uncertainty at Deutsche Bank as new bosses appear ahead of shake-up

Some people at Deutsche Bank are said to be fearful that the crop of new senior appointments is a prelude to big changes after the strategy day in Q2.

Why people quit finance jobs before they’re 30 – the 7 year itch

You're about to make it in your finance career, and then you quit. Why?

How to be humble when you’re 25 years old and earning $150k

As a junior banker, you could be earning £100k a few years after leaving university. Don't let that go to your head.

“How I escaped equity sales aged 30, and did something quite different”

"I left Goldman Sachs in May 2012. It wasn't entirely my decision, but it was something that I'd seen coming for some time. The general level of the…

Where Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Citi, BofA and JPM will be hiring and firing in 2015

Know this if you're thinking of working for a US investment bank...

Meet the ex-Goldman employee turned juicing evangelist

Bankers are bulking buying cold-pressed kale juice, says an ex-Goldman employee turned professional juicer.

Why I left UBS and Goldman Sachs for a fintech firm, and what’s coming next

We quizzed Josh Schubkegel, the ex-head of global equities technology at UBS and a former senior technologist at Goldman Sachs. This is what he told us.

Morning Coffee: B of A mistreated a banker. Where to study in London if you want a hedge fund job

Think you're getting a bonus at Bank of America? Don't count on it until it's in the bank. And a whole new school for hedge fund jobs has been born.

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