“How I escaped equity sales aged 30, and did something quite different”

"I left Goldman Sachs in May 2012. It wasn't entirely my decision, but it was something that I'd seen coming for some time. The general level of the…

Where Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Citi, BofA and JPM will be hiring and firing in 2015

Know this if you're thinking of working for a US investment bank...

Meet the ex-Goldman employee turned juicing evangelist

Bankers are bulking buying cold-pressed kale juice, says an ex-Goldman employee turned professional juicer.

Why I left UBS and Goldman Sachs for a fintech firm, and what’s coming next

We quizzed Josh Schubkegel, the ex-head of global equities technology at UBS and a former senior technologist at Goldman Sachs. This is what he told us.

Morning Coffee: B of A mistreated a banker. Where to study in London if you want a hedge fund job

Think you're getting a bonus at Bank of America? Don't count on it until it's in the bank. And a whole new school for hedge fund jobs has been born.

How trading jobs stopped being sexy

So you want to be a trader? Do you really understand what you're letting yourself in for?

Arrogant? Lazy? Junior bankers hit back

Who said junior bankers are lazy and arrogant? They're just not properly incentivized, says one.

Morning Coffee: Where Goldman hires from in Europe. 37 year-old banker complains of lazy, arrogant 22 year-old analyst

Which universities does Goldman Sachs hire from in Europe? And what do you do if you're an experienced banker with an insolent trainee?

Fear and loathing hit the UBS bonus pool

If you work in fixed income at UBS, bonuses are a frightening prospect this year.

What does it take to become a trader?

You want to work as a trader in an investment bank. What will you need on your CV?

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