What’s the minimum score you can get on CFA Level I, and still pass?

What's your CFA score? And what did you actually need to pass Level I in June 2014? Less than you might think.

Bloomberg terminal deprivation: How to handle it

You've been working as a trader and have been plugged into a Bloomberg terminal for every waking hour. What happens when that disappears?

Are BNP Paribas’ fixed income traders the best in the world?

Banking bonuses at BNP Paribas really ought to be big this year. Unfortunately, BNP bankers may be disappointed, as is often the case.

Morning Coffee: What the new banking bonus bashing means really. JPMorgan’s faux-promotions

Banking bonuses are being bashed again. This is what will happen next. And JPMorgan is calling some strange internal job moves 'promotions'.

What to do with your finance career after you leave a Chinese bank in Hong Kong

If you’re thinking of leaving a Chinese bank in Hong Kong to join a global firm, you stand a much better chance of moving if you work in the front office.

How to get a commodities trading job at BP

When you think of BP jobs, you probably don't think of commodities trading. However, the oil company has a big trading arm. Here's how to get in there.

These are the people losing their jobs from Barclays investment bank now

Which Barclays jobs are most at risk as the investment bank flounders and restructurers? Are they really all in the FICC business?

What life is really like for a rookie Wall Street trader

For an in depth look at the life of a first-year trader, we Wall Street trader-turned-standup-comedian Raj Mahal.

Asset managers bemoan the investment banker ‘invasion’

Investment bankers are moving into asset management, upsetting the existing employees and imposing the sell-side culture on the buy-side.

Morning Coffee: Is JPMorgan letting go of the wrong people? How Goldman Sachs’ head of recruitment keeps his ‘edge’

JPMorgan is making layoffs. But it's not cutting high-cost salespeople and traders who haven't got much to do. And is meditation a route into Goldman Sachs?

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