Barclays and Nomura

Barclays vs Nomura: hiring, firing, strategy and pay

Barclays and Nomura have both reported their quarterly results. So which would you rather work for?

fintech startups

Fintech is red hot, but taking a job could be a big risk

Fintech is the career du jour; the chance for frustrated bankers to escape the hamster wheel of a finance job and go it alone in a related but…

investment banking internship

Morning Coffee: 21 year-old intern’s embarrassing approach to senior banker. Bad news at BofA

An intern asked this stupid question when given access to the bank's CEO.

The most desirable finance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong now

The most desirable finance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong now

The amount of candidates clamouring to work in these finance job sectors makes them the most competitive to find work in regionally.

Associates in investment banks

Why banks are about to start hiring associates instead of VPs

Banks are hiring from the bottom of the ladder.


Deutsche Bank released this chart suggesting UBS isn’t so great after all

Is UBS the best bank to work for in Europe? Yes, and no, according to this chart from Deutsche.

Morgan Stanley hiring

Morgan Stanley has been doing a lot of hiring from other investment banks

Morgan Stanley appears to be successfully luring traders from other banks on the back of a solid second quarter.

Banking jobs 2015

6 jobs that tell you everything about banks in 2015

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citi, SocGen and Deutsche are advertising vacancies that sum up the banking zeitgeist.

Brent Saunders Allergan

Morning Coffee: The 45 year-old every M&A banker wants to schmooze. Hottest jobs in trading

Are you familiar with Brent Saunders? If you're not, and you work in M&A, you're seriously remiss. He is every M&A banker's dream.

Recent recruits angry as Chinese banks threaten bonuses cuts despite record revenues

Chinese investment banks in HK threaten bonuses cuts despite record revenues

Bankers who moved from Western to Chinese firms in Hong Kong are already being told that their bonuses may be much smaller than expected.

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