When the MBA managing you is incompetent

Experienced analysts in investment banks will soon find themselves managed by recent MBAs with limited banking experience. That can cause problems.

How the “fat bloke” turned marathon man reshaped his banking career

Steve Way's journey from smoker to marathon man is all the more remarkable because he had to sacrifice his banking career.

Was VTB Capital the best retirement trade of recent times?

Which bank has been paying 'retirement money' to its staff in recent years? Try the Russian firm which just ditched its CEO.

Is Deutsche Bank hiring fund managers in Birmingham too?

Deutsche Bank has been hiring for the front office for its investment bank in Birmingham, but now it's expanded to asset management.

Blackstone poaches Citigroup industrials investment banking MD

Nick Tansley, an MD in Citi's industrials team, has made the switch into private equity.

Morning Coffee: Ex Goldman VP advises on quitting the firm. Credit Suisse to make emerging markets and credit layoffs too?

An ex-Goldman commodities professional has some advice on quitting the firm. And Credit Suisse's cuts may just be beginning.

Counter offers cause career catastrophe for finance professionals in Asia

Finance professionals who resign to clinch counter offers can do serious long-term damage to their careers.

Credit Suisse commodities reversal and why you mustn’t listen to banks when they say your job’s safe

Credit Suisse commodities jobs are going. That's strange given the bank's assurances only a few months ago.

Can you answer these real-life management consulting interview questions?

Here is a new collection of actual interview questions asked by major consulting firms.

‘Industry-leading’ fund managers aren’t all that special

“Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.” When it comes to fund management, the adage is essentially fact.

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