The weirdest interview questions (allegedly) asked to junior investment bankers

Investment banking interviews can be hard, but some questions are just strange.

If Goldman Sachs paid like the FCA

The FCA's new remuneration report contains an interesting figure on internal pay equality. Banks may want to take note.

Morning Coffee: $150k starting salaries for ‘directionless kids’. The two banking bosses still getting paid

Junior bankers earn vastly more than their peers, but this doesn't mean that they're any happier.

The ultimate guide to investment banking internships in Hong Kong

If you are a student in Asia with aspirations make it in Asian investment banking, this is what you need to know.

Ex-traders try to crowdfund new lives

You've left your job in finance. Why not open yourself to donations?

You’re 35 years-old and want to leave finance. This woman can help

You want to leave finance. Don't go there alone.

How swollen is Deutsche Bank really?

Deutsche Bank has already partially popped its fixed income bubble.

Morning Coffee: Fixed income fear at Deutsche Bank despite strategy delay

Deutsche Bank has delayed announcing its strategy update, but don't expect a reprieve.

Why 20-something bankers in Singapore and Hong Kong don’t get hired

If you’re going for a junior banking job in Singapore or Hong Kong, here’s how not to behave at an interview.

Deutsche Bank’s top infrastructure technologist talks tech careers

So you think you want to work in 'infrastructure technology' in an investment bank? Deutsche's Scott Marcar explains why it's an interesting career.

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