Why did Barclays just lose all these IBD juniors in London?

Barclays Investment Bank is laying people off. In theory it’s laying them off from fixed income sales and trading, from which it’s mounting a strategic withdrawal. It’s strange,…

You may be in a rocking chair when you receive your next deferred bonus payment

In a closed-door speech on Monday with Wall Street executives, Dudley said that banks should defer bonuses for a decade. Ten years!

Citigroup’s co-head of equity derivatives has joined Moore Capital

Rory Hill, the co-head of equity derivatives at Citigroup who left in July, has joined expansionary hedge fund Moore Capital.

13 jobs offering the biggest pay rises in financial services now

These are the UK financial services jobs offering the largest pay rises in 2014.

Morning Coffee: What makes JPMorgan’s junior M&A bankers weird. When analysts marry MDs

JPMorgan's junior bankers are 'product agnostic'. This is what that means. And a famous analyst has married a less famous MD.

Equities hiring in Hong Kong: more blip than boom

A stock market access deal with Shanghai is creating equities trading jobs in Hong Kong, but how long will the hiring last?

Why Google hasn’t hired any ex-bankers for its investment arm

Google Ventures has opened in London. Ex-investment bankers are excluded.

Six things you need to know if you want to get a tech job at Goldman Sachs

Here are a few suggestions on what you'll need to score a tech job at Goldman Sachs.

How to get a graduate job at Morgan Stanley

What does it take to get an entry-level job at Morgan Stanley? The bank's firmwide head of graduate recruitment offers some insights.

3 finance jobs that may still pay £500k by the time you’re 28

Which finance jobs will still pay you big money before you get old?

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