Here’s where the job openings now are at Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC in Hong Kong and Singapore

Here's where to focus your search if you're looking for a job at Deloitte, EY, KPMG or PwC in Asia.

Barclays just hired this European equities trader from Millennium Capital Partners

Barclays just bolstered its equities team with a hedge fund hire.

Eight of the hardest CFA questions, and how to answer them

CFA exams are tough, but these questions are the toughest in CFA level I, CFA level II and CFA level III. Here's how to answer.

How to survive in the job market of 2025

Financial services organisations need to shake up their office space if they're going to retain talent.

Some of my best friends are bankers. And they’re a mess

Have you tried bonding with your boss in rehab? You're missing out.

Has the Masters in Finance replaced the MBA as the top qualification for junior bankers?

Once upon a time, an MBA was the must-have qualification for junior banking jobs. Not any more.

Morning Coffee: The worst thing Anshu Jain said yesterday. Illicit emotions on the trading floor

Deutsche Bankers have reason to fear Anshu Jain's empowerment. And don't do this if you're a trader who doesn't want to draw the attention of monitors.

This is what your investment banking salary should be in Singapore

Are you underpaid or overpaid in Singapore banking? Our compensation table reveals how your salary shapes up.

Why I quit Pimco to take on pay day loan sharks

This former investment banker quit last year to start a firm aimed at tackling pay day loans.

If these people can’t get internships in investment banks, you have no chance

A list of top students who are prepared to intern for free is being circulated in London.

What it takes to work for Chris Rokos’ hot new hedge fund

Brevan Howard wunderkind Chris Rokos is going it alone and indulging in a lot of hiring. What does it take to work at his new hedge fund?

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