Recruiters fear potential hiring slump in wake of Hong Kong protests

If the Hong Kong protests continue, recruiters are worried that banks may potentially cut back their 2015 hiring plans.

New firms launch in London, New York; Millennium continues to hire

In the latest hiring roundup, Millennium continues to add talent, new firms launch on both sides of the pond and Santander is expanding in London.

Want to work on Blackrock’s Aladdin system? Here’s who we think they’ve just hired

Blackrock's Aladdin system is one of the most widely used and longest established pieces of risk management technology. Want to work on it? Here's who gets hired.

Sun Trading turns to Asia to escape dire European markets, increases pay

High frequency trading firm, Sun Trading, has increased profits at its European operation by escaping European markets.

Investment banks’ interview questions – the ultimate list

Which investment banking interview questions should you always anticipate? Bank-by-bank, we have the definitive list.

Moore Capital raids the ranks of defunct hedge fund Clive Capital

Employees of Clive Capital, which closed last year, have been hired by expanding hedge fund Moore Capital.

Morning Coffee: Do you want to work in Hong Kong now? Bill Gross’s last straw

Bankers in Hong Kong have had a shock over the weekend. Will the region's allure fade for expats? And, Bill Gross just couldn't resist....

Perfect resume, no interview: nine reasons why recruiters in Asia are rejecting you

Here are the main reasons why a recruitment agency in Singapore or Hong Kong won't refer your banking job application to an employer.

The 10 most salacious things bankers have done this year

From baffling lawsuits to outlandish arrests, 2014 has had many a salacious highlight.

Want to work with Bill Gross at Janus Capital? You’ll need this

Bill Gross has joined Janus Capital. If you want to work there too, this is what you'll need on your resume.

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