Why you should quit your banking job and become a recruiter

Recruiting is a tough business where you have to kill what you eat. But if you’re great, you can make a nice life for yourself.

These are the companies hiring ex-senior Barclays investment bankers

The exodus from Barclays sales and trading division is working out OK for some people.

RBS’s investment banking headcount is really quite tiny, but can it afford its bankers?

RBS's investment bank is a shadow of its former self, yet continues to drag on profits. More cost-cutting is coming.

Morning Coffee: Five career tips for budding bankers by JPMorgan exec, smeared investment banker takes “voluntary leave”

Legendary JPMorgan deal-maker Jimmy Lee offers five tips to become a successful investment banker.

Why it’s so hard to move from banking into a private equity job in Asia

Making a career change from banking into a private equity job is far from straight forward in Singapore, even for top-tier investment bankers.

Five questions you’ll need to know the answer to if you want to pass the Series 7

While each exam has different questions, all cover the same general principles. Here are five questions you may see, along with the correct answers

Ex Barclays bankers cling to giant job titles of their past

What happens when you lose your job in an investment bank? And what happens if it was a really important job in an investment bank and you’re now…

JPMorgan pays its investment bankers the most. And does Nomura really pay more than Goldman Sachs?

Which investment banks are most likely to pay well? Here's a league table of the biggest salaries and bonuses, bank by bank.

Barclays’ strategy backfires as role-based pay hits £111k per head

Do you want to work for Barclays now? Things don't seem to be going to plan, but you can collect some generous role-based pay.

Morning Coffee: How to walk into a job at JPMorgan. Ex-Citi exec complains of lewd photocopies

Which kinds of people will find it easiest to get work at JPMorgan now? And one ex-Citi and BAML banker has disclosed poor behaviour from her colleagues.

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