Five people hired by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche and BAML in February. And what they mean for you

So, here's who just got hired by the biggest US and European investment banks.

Is it possible to get M&A experience outside of banking, and then get a banking job?

How to flip the typical investment banking exit opportunity on its head.

J.P. Morgan’s attempted LinkedIn ban is more comprehensive than we thought

j.P. Morgan's LinkedIn ban was just a rumour. Until now.

Morning Coffee: ‘Motivated, intelligent, caring’ – meet the people of Goldman Sachs. Barclays product control burnout

What characterizes a Goldman Sachs employee? And a poster boy for product control at Barclays has revealed that life is not always as pleasant as it seems.

Bankers in Asia “stuck” mid-career as firms fail to build leaders

There's a shortage of leadership skills at banks in Asia, with mid-ranking Asian bankers finding it tough to move up, says INSEAD professor.

10 things you need to know about Amplify Trading

Would you pay for your trading internship?

Top banking analyst cautions against careers in equity research

Equity research careers are a route to hard work and (comparative) impoverishment, says one analyst - who should know.

This Citi leveraged finance analyst has exceptional experience as a waiter

Yes, you worked as a waiter before you joined a global investment bank. But did you work as a waiter here?

Michael Hintze’s hedge fund has been making some senior hires

Sir Michael Hintze's hedge fund CQS has started the year by making some senior recruits.

Morning Coffee: Will RBS layoff 80% or 90% of its investment banking staff? Jobs at Goldman’s own hedge fund

Barely has the ink dried on Barclays' cost cutting plan, than it's been completely eclipsed by the enormity of imminent layoffs at RBS. At the very worse, Barclays' investment banking…

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