The hottest M&A shop in the U.S. is a Canadian bank

Through three quarters, RBC’s investment bank has earned more than $850 million in fees in the U.S. alone. How’d they do it? Aggressive hiring, for one.

Do jobs at Google and Facebook offer bigger salaries than investment banks?

Google and Facebook are decidedly more attractive to tech talent than investment banks, but have they now taken away banks' trump card - earning more?

The role based pay at Barclays is quite enormous

The European Banking Authority wants to crack down on role based pay for bankers. That could cause upset at Barclays.

Senior Citigroup banker swaps London for New York to join Jefferies

Citigroup's global head of sales and divestitures has left London for a job at Jefferies in New York.

Morning Coffee: Crisis as neither Barclays’ nor UBS’s M&A bankers perform. Curse of the ‘ladettes’ at Deutsche?

Barclays and UBS have been prioritizing M&A and should have done well this year. They haven't. Meanwhile, is there really a 'ladette' culture at Deutsche?

Q4 hiring trends you need to know about in Singapore and Hong Kong

Here are some of the key trends affecting finance-sector hiring in Singapore and Hong Kong in the final quarter.

How to get a job in compliance with little or no experience

Compliance is tough to break into if you don’t have the background, but opportunities are starting to arrive for those with experience that touches it.

Meet some of Morgan Stanley’s new London analysts

What does it really take to get an analyst job at Morgan Stanley? Here's a sample of some of their recent hires.

Bring your winter coat to school if you want to work On Wall Street

If you want a job at an investment bank, try picking a school in a cold weather state with a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Six learnings from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Unofficial Guide to Banking’

Deutsche Bank is promoting its 'Unofficial Guide' to banking careers. The guide makes some interesting claims.

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