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7 interesting graduate jobs in finance which are STILL OPEN for a 2015 start

If you haven't already applied for a graduate job, you're late. But it's not terminal. Banks still have these openings for students graduating this summer.

A detailed comparison of pay at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS

Which top European investment bank pays the most, defers the least, defers for the shortest amount of time and is least likely to claw back your bonus?

Star credit strategist has mysteriously left UBS

Why did UBS's star credit strategist just disappear?

Morning Coffee: UBS to start “substantial” hiring spree in Asia

UBS Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti wants to recruit more bankers in China but he may have to be flexible about who he hires.

Why SocGen and UBS contain the most talented traders

The traders best suited to the new world order work for SocGen and UBS. Here's why.

Meet the bankers with the clients that banks in Singapore are now desperate to capture

Private banks in Singapore want to hire more China-coverage bankers but are finding that the local talent pool is too small.

Five insights into hiring and pay at UBS

What does UBS's 2014 annual report tell you about pay and hiring prospects?

The 10 best banking jobs you’ve never heard of

Forget oil and gas M&A and government bond trading, which top banking and finance jobs exist in the shadows?

Why one trader quit Citigroup to start the ‘eBay’ of bond markets

Paul Reynolds quit trading after 30 years to go it alone on a tech platform that hopes to revolutionise the bond market.

How quickly you make MD at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and more

Goldman Sachs is most likely to promote you to managing director quicker than any other investment bank.

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