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Ex-traders try to crowdfund new lives

You've left your job in finance. Why not open yourself to donations?

Morning Coffee: Most infamous 35 year-old in finance now free to make £40k a week. Brevan Howard wants neophytes

Aged 30, he was making £360k . For the past five years, he's earned nothing at all... And, Brevan Howard is hiring graduates too.

The five banks to apply to first if you want a middle-office job in Asia

The recruitment boom in Asian risk and compliance isn't as widespread as you'd think – only a handful of banks have ample middle-office vacancies.

Morning Coffee: UBS embarks on Hong Kong poaching spree with a difference

UBS has been hiring more bankers in Hong Kong – but this time the new recruits haven’t come from global rivals in Central.

How to get a banking job at UBS, CS and Citi in Asia without going directly

Your route into private banking need not be boring – here some bankers who've taken more interesting career paths.

Morning Coffee: John Cryan vs. Anshu Jain. How to get a Goldman job aged 19

Deutsche's investment bankers lost confidence in Anshu Jain. And one first year student got a job at Goldman Sachs by being duplicitous about his age.

This is what your private banking salary and bonus should be in Singapore

With so many firms hiring in your sector, it’s good to know how your private banking salary stacks up.

Morning Coffee: Why HSBC should NOT shift to Hong Kong, by UBS

Excited by HSBC potentially moving its headquarters from London to Hong Kong? Don’t be, says UBS.

The top investment banks by bonus in 2015

Which investment bank paid the biggest bonus in 2015?

Morning Coffee: How much Tom Hayes was paid really. Weird food when you work 18 hours a day

What percentage of his revenues did Tom Hayes get paid at UBS? And how can you nourish yourself when you have no time?

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