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Morning Coffee: More M&A hiring to come at UBS in Hong Kong

UBS is likely to hire more M&A bankers early next year as Alison Harding-Jones takes up the reins as head of Asia Pacific M&A.

Hiring and firing in investment banking: The winners and the losers in 2014

All you need to know about the coming and goings at the major investment banks in London.

Morning Coffee: UBS cuts contractor rates just before Christmas. Bankers sleep 3 hours a night

Technology contractors at UBS have been given a festive ultimatum.

10 features of the top 40 investment bankers under 40

What does it really take to become a top investment banker before you're old? These are top bankers' common attributes.

Ex-UBS MD finds new job after 30 months out writing children’s books

An ex-UBS MD who had a go at writing silly children's stories says making money out of them was always going to be a long-shot.

Where in the world do the top investment banks hire CFAs?

You have a CFA and want to work for a large investment bank? This is where you should base yourself.

The new career paths of Barclays FX MDs laid off as the bank shrinks

Senior FX salesman at Barclays, targeted for redundancy early on in the bank's restructuring process, have found new employment. It's not always an obvious move, however.

Morning Coffee: UBS buying out M&A bankers? Morgan Stanley hiking pay? Downside to Goldman partnership

It is a day of unexpected events. Firstly, UBS - which was said to be paying 30% to 50% below market rates to hire senior M&A bankers this…

Upset as FX traders anticipating bonuses now face pay destitution

A few weeks ago, FX traders in London were daring to hope. Yes, the prospect of fines related to FX fixing loomed, but thanks to September's increased volatility…

Six finance firms with growth strategies in the Middle East

Not all international financial services firms are talking up expansion in the Middle East, so it's worth looking at those firms that are likely to be hiring in 2015.

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