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Morning Coffee: Goldman, Barclays, UBS bankers deemed most attractive. Ex-JPMorgan banker sues own lawyer

Where should you work if you a) want appealing colleagues, b) want to be deemed appealing yourself? Try Goldman Sachs. Data from Hinge, a dating application, suggests that…

Eight things you should know about UBS and Deutsche’s Q2 results

UBS and Deutsche Bank have both reported their second quarter results this morning. Eight need to knows about pay and hiring in their investment banks.

Fear grips senior investment bankers, who refuse to budge

Investment banks' HR teams are complaining about a "lack of liquidity" at the top, as senior staff refuse to leave for fear of not finding a new job.

UBS stands accused of eradicating senior bankers, replacing them with juniors

UBS redundancies are allegedly gathering pace, with senior staff first for the chop. Is the bank 'downgrading' - replacing senior staff with junior ones?

Top banker leaves UBS for HSBC. Why?

James Simpson, a senior M&A banker at UBS, has quit for HSBC. So, what makes HSBC so appealing?

Eton educated chocolate heir seeks job in City of London

In a sign that even family connections might not get you a job in banking, Leander Cadbury, heir to the Cadbury fortune, is still looking.

Citigroup continues to hire for commodities

Citigroup, which has expressed its desire to expand its commodities sales headcount, has made another significant hire.

How investment banks are targeting fintech talent

Fintech start-ups are moving fast and poaching talent that would have previously gone into the banking sector. Here's how the banks are reacting.

Banking: is the lifestyle still worth it?

Banking pay has fallen but the banking lifestyle remains the same. Is the industry really so unappealing though?

7 men (and women) who’ve just started big new jobs in finance (and might have a mandate to hire soon)

Where will the jobs in finance be in the second half? These significant hires in the first six months of the year suggest further recruitment is coming soon.

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