Company: Moody's

Asia needs a homegrown ratings agency

Daily Dispatches – Philippines calls for Asian ratings agency

The island nation has called for the establishment of an Asian-focused ratings agency amidst rising concerns about the relevancy and dominance of the big three agencies, Fitch, S&P…

Sectors explained: Data Providers & Ratings Agencies

Data Providers & Rating Agencies Providing the information that fuels investor sentiment Credit rating agencies assess the likelihood that an organisation or country issuing debt will fail to pay bac


Daily Dispatches – Singapore ratings caveat

Moody’s says Singapore’s Aaa sovereign rating and stable outlook reflect the country’s very high economic, institutional, and government financial strengths, and its low susceptibility to

Growth companies creating six-figure jobs in finance

If you want to find a niche area of financial services that is both growing (for the moment) and creating highly paid jobs, try the ratings agencies. While…

Insider trading

Technology Fueling Scandals on Wall Street

The day-to-day world of banking has changed dramatically in the last decade. Phone calls and in-person conversations have been replaced by email and instant messaging, from corner offices…


What Credit Downgrade? Cantor Says It Will Keep Hiring

At a time when other banks are slashing costs and cutting staff, Cantor Fitzgerald is shrugging off questions about its financial health and says it will continue expanding.…


Morning Coffee: Women Are Nearly a Quarter of Goldman’s New MDs

Despite its headcount reductions, Goldman Sachs made a few hundred people very happy this week, promoting 266 employees to managing director one day after naming 70 new partners.…

Mutual Funds

Tuesday’s Headlines: Representative of Mutual Fund Companies Takes Aim at Proposed SEC Rule

A proposed controversial rule change by the Securities and Exchange Commission that would allow private securities like hedge funds to advertise has aroused the ire of the mutual…


Around the World: Why Moving Into Infrastructure May Be a Good Idea

If you do it early enough, moving into infrastructure could be an eminently sensible career choice Infrastructure-related roles on both the buy side and sell side are one of…


RBC Still an Attractive Place to Work Despite Moody’s Downgrade

Although ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service has downgraded the credit ratings of Canada’s biggest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, that shouldn’t stop would-be candidates from applying fo

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