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The MF Global Collapse Was Messier Than You Probably Thought

Jon Corzine, the former head of now-defunct brokerage firm MF Global, has provided few details as to how exactly the company plunged so quickly into bankruptcy even as…

Not much of this in Singapore

Boring back-office skills infect glamorous front-office jobs

From the rubble of the financial crisis emerged many an unglamorous and unwelcome word. For asset managers who are intensely involved in strategy, analysis and managing portfolio trading…

HBOS HQ (Photo credit: Tim Green aka atoach)

Late Lunchtime Links: Another ‘delusional’ bank bites the dust with HBOS report

How many more times must we be reminded that banking executives took stupid risks during the run-up to the financial crisis, bringing on the deepest recession since the…


MF Global Car Wreck Had One Driver

Another day, another scathing report condemning the actions of Wall Street’s former elite. Earlier this week, the crosshairs focused on the cultural evils fostered by Barclays’ upper management.&hellip


Jefferies’ secret to Paying All-Cash Bonuses

You might want to work at Jefferies. While banks like Deutsche are imposing punitive deferrals  on bonus payments this year, especially for senior staff, Jefferies has told staff…


Morning Call: Risky Corzine Fingered for MF Global Collapse

A willingness to roll the dice and venture where others don’t is often what makes the very ambitious successful. But overplaying your hand can just as well bring…


Merger a ‘Perfect’ Scenario for Jefferies’ Employees

Jefferies employees must be breathing a collective sigh of relief after the investment bank agreed to be acquired by holding company and minority investor Leucadia. The move should…


CFTC Chairman Says Transparency in Derivatives Will Be Good for Jobs

The Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, Gary Gensler says the government has finally gotten around to dealing with one of the key contributors of the financial…


Friday’s Headlines: Bank breakups unlikely

While investors, regulators, politicians and the general public may be screaming for big banks to shatter into tiny pieces, Wall Street leaders are unlikely to waiver from the…

Don’t do a Diamond: Five key lessons on how to avoid being an arrogant banker

Don’t do a Diamond: Five key lessons on how to avoid being an arrogant banker

[caption id="attachment_107347" align="alignleft" width="200"] Arrogance is hugely unattractive[/caption] Charges of arrogance have been heatedly lobbed at high-powered bankers over the past few years. Tra

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