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Morning Coffee: Barclays paranoid best staff will leave. Sheer diligence required to get into Goldman Sachs

It seems that Barclays will not be paying atrocious bonuses after all. Despite a pressing need to cut costs at the British bank, it was reported yesterday that…


BlackRock Firings Follow Hard-Line Stance on Portfolio Performance

In an era of low returns, everyone is getting impatient with underperformers. And that could mean your job is in jeopardy. That’s exactly what’s happening at BlackRock, which…


Goldman says Barclays needs more restructuring

Goldman Sachs is not impressed with chief executive Antony Jenkins’ plan for restructuring Barclays. Having previously suggested that Barclays might want to close its investment bank entirely or&hell


Barclays Bankers May Walk if Bonuses Capped at $100K Again This Year

After having the cash portion of their bonuses capped at just over $100,000 last year, Barclays investment bankers in the U.S. are looking forward to a more bountiful…

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Goldman Sachs Emerges As a Nice, Steady, Place to Work

Yesterday was Goldman Sachs 3Q results day. Needless to say, this was eclipsed by the unexpected news that Vikram Pandit had resigned as CEO of Citigroup. Now that the Citi…


Goldman Sachs is Paying Its Employees 15% More This Year

Goldman Sachs announced its third quarter results today saying that profits are up 191% over 2011 and that average compensation per employee has increased 15% in the first…


Despite Pay Cut, Goldman London Bankers Earn More Than Elsewhere

Something bad seems to have happened to pay at Goldman in London last year. Long renowned for paying its average London member of staff twice as much as…


Want to be assured of a financial services job in 2015? Goldman Sachs suggests that you should focus here

Last May, analysts at Bernstein Research stuck their heads above the parapet and suggested a period of ‘transformational change’ was underfoot at Goldman Sachs. They said that the change…


People News: Moves at Nomura, Citi, BofA, Goldman, Equity International and Carlyle

Goldman’s CFO David Viniar will retire at the end of January and be replaced by Harvey Schwartz, a senior executive at the bank.  DealBook Carlyle named Robert Mancini…


Wednesday’s Headlines: Goldman’s strategy for remaining on top

Goldman is not immune from the pressures of the economy and Wall Street’s downturn. But the venerable bank has managed to stay on top of its game. While…

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